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Vasectomy Surgeon
Dr. Charles W. Monteith
Medical Director of A Personal Choice

Specializing In Providing Personal Fertility Choices

I am a fertility surgeon who has exclusively dedicated my career to helping men and women with their fertility goals. My specialization is in tubal ligation reversal surgery, Essure sterilization reversal and Essure device removal.

I also provide Gentle Touch Vasectomy (no-needle and no-scalpel) and microsurgical mini-incision vasectomy reversal. I am proud to be the first physician in the Carolinas to offer Gentle Touch Vasectomy to my patients.

Dr. Charles W. Monteith: Reproductive Surgeon

I was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. I always wanted to be a doctor and never wanted to be anything else. My grandfather was a doctor who graduated from medical school in the 1930’s long before penicillin was discovered and when physicians did not have many of the modern treatments we have today. He was a general practitioner and he taught me many of the fundamentals of what being a true physician entailed, what it meant to carry a black bag, and the power of human touch.

My other grandfather was a farmer who worked the earth. He taught me how to do more with less and the value of hard work and the importance of dedication to one’s community.

I attended college at Xavier University of Louisiana because it was top in the country at placing students into medical school.
I graduated with honors and in the top three of my class. I went to medical school at the University of California at San Francisco, which has consistently been recognized as one of the top five medical schools in the United States. During medical school, I was awarded a year long Howard Hughes Biomedical Research Award to pursue research in molecular biology.

After graduating from medical school, I completed a four-year residency at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Obstetrics and Gynecology. During this time, I was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha honor society and received many awards from fellow residents and medical students for my ability to be an effective and compassionate teacher. I was most proud of the recognition medical students gave me because they are often the most insightful as to who are genuinely the best teachers from whom they can learn the most.

After completing residency, I received a joint appointment with the University of North Carolina Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the AHEC faculty at WakeMed Hospital Raleigh Campus where I specialized in minimally invasive surgery, surgical treatment of advanced gynecological diseases, and high-risk pregnancies and deliveries.

I am board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and I “by virtue of satisfactory completion of an accredited program of graduate medical education, possesses special knowledge, skills and professional capability in the medical and surgical care of women related to pregnancy and disorders of the female reproductive system.”

My early career provided me with a tremendous understanding of how fertility and infertility impacts the lives of my patients, their partners, and their families. As a result of my experience and insight, I was determined to progress beyond the limits of my board certification by seeking additional surgical skills and providing vasectomy and vasectomy reversal to my patients.

No-needle No-scalpel: Vasectomy With a Gentle Touch

After several years of witnessing the impact of pregnancy on the lives of my patients and observing the majority of the burden of sterilization was being placed upon women, I sought additional training in No-scalpel Vasectomy and Gentle Touch Vasectomy. I started providing vasectomy services in 2007 while I was practicing general obstetrics and gynecology.

I was the first physician to actively provide No-needle No-Scalpel (Gentle Touch) Vasectomy in the Carolinas. I volunteered my time at Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina and performed over 500 vasectomy procedures. I am a supporter of No-Scalpel Vasectomy International and I have participated in surgical missions providing medical and vasectomy services in the Philippines vasectomy procedures in Kenya and vasectomy procedures in Northern Haiti.


Microsurgical Tubal Ligation Reversal

After seven years of working in a busy hospital setting, I left my faculty appointment and began training in female sterilization reversal at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center with Dr. Gary Berger. I completed a weeklong microsurgical training course at the Cleveland Clinic and a six-month apprenticeship in microsurgical female sterilization reversal with Dr. Gary Berger. I then joined Dr. Berger in 2008 as a female sterilization reversal specialist.

From 2008 to 2013, I performed over 1500 microsurgical female sterilization reversal surgeries and was the first physician in the world to publish reports of successful pregnancy within peer reviewed medical journals after reversal of the two newest forms of female sterilization: Essure and Adiana trans-cervical hysteroscopic tubal occlusion. Since my first tubal reversal baby was born to a patient who traveled from Alaska for her reversal surgery with me, I have helped many couples have children again after sterilization procedures.

We heal through touch

Mini-incision Vasectomy Reversal

I sought additional training and one-on-one mentorship with Dr. Doug Stein, a vasectomy and vasectomy reversal specialist, of Tampa, Florida. As a result of my experiences, I was able to combine the minimally invasive techniques of no-scalpel vasectomy with the microsurgical techniques of female sterilization reversal and I now perform single mini-incision vasectomy reversal for the benefit of my male patients.

Making A Very Personal Choice with Dr. Monteith

My former practice, Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, had an international reputation of providing affordable female sterilization reversal to over 13,000 patients over the course of two decades. In June of 2013, I became the Medical Director of Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center and relocated the center to Raleigh, North Carolina in 2014. I used the move as an opportunity for a new beginning and I changed the practice name to A Personal Choice.

I have long believed a true physician uses their knowledge to help improve the lives of others and a true surgeon uses their skills to help those whom others cannot or will not help. I believe the decisions made by men and women about their fertility goals are personal choices made for the betterment of their lives and without the need for undue influences from others.

As a result of my beliefs, I now use my unique knowledge and skills as a physician and surgeon to assist my patients with their personal fertility choices and I do so without bias or prejudice towards any of their decisions, cultural or religious beliefs.

What Our Patients Are Saying

"Dr. Monteith prepared me mentally for the pre, during and post procedure journey. He also provided me with all the tools necessary for a comfortable recovery. I'm definitely confident in this Dr's work, and especially glad at how little pain I experienced throughout the process. It would be worth it to visit Dr. Monteith no matter what state you have to travel from, I drove from Virginia."

- J.R.

"Very comforting and knowledgeable experience not only was the staff pleasant so was the atmosphere! I drove 3 hours so i did my research. I was impressed with the information, visuals, and on hand knowledge about what the procedure was all about. I felt like an expert after i left! Not to mention the 45 min in and out time. I will be recommending this to all my colleagues thank you!"

- J.W.

"Dr Monteith, and his staff, were all very professional about my decision to have a vastectomy. They informed me of the risks, the surgery procedure, and the post-surgery care. The procedure itself was relatively painless. I would rate this as a 2/10. I highly recommend Dr Monteith; he even sent me a text message after the surgery to give me a personal update on my procedure. The procedure was quick."

- S.E.

"If you're in the market for a Vasectomy you need to give Dr. Monteith a serious look. Just compare the information on his website to the information you'll get from other options around the triangle. It's hard to get solid answers on cost, procedure and expectations up front from other offices but A Personal Choice plays no games and has great informative well designed website. Dr. Monteith makes it easy!"

- J.P.

"Excellent care. I visited Dr. Monteith for a single visit appointment on a Friday. Very clean, comfortable office. Pleasant staff. The procedure was quick and I went back to work for a little while. The only pain I experienced was soreness beginning about 4 hours post procedure, lasting for 24 hours, then subsiding rapidly. I was fine by Monday. The office checked on me twice, no problems. I would recommend Dr. Monteith to anyone.

- M.D.

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