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Looking For Vasectomy In Durham? How About The Best Vasectomy In Town?

January 8, 2023

Dr Monteith offers vasectomy Durham patients a great procedureHave you been searching for a no scalpel vasectomy doctor in Durham?

If so then consider a short drive to Raleigh to have a vasectomy procedure with Dr. Monteith of His Choice No Cut Vasectomy.

Dr. Monteith is the only doctor in the Carolinas who offers patients a single visit, no scalpel vasectomy at an affordable price.

One visit is all that is required.

No scalpel vasectomy in Durham:
Easy to find but hard to schedule!

If you have been looking for a doctor to perform no scalpel vasectomy in Durham then you have likely found several choices. Finding them is the easy part. The hardest part is getting any information about a vasectomy procedure.

You will not be able to get a vasectomy with most vasectomy doctors in Durham in a timely fashion. Usually when you call you will get an appointment for a vasectomy consultation 3 to 6 months out. Think we are kidding? Just call and ask for yourself. Not only will the consultation be 3 to 6 months out…but the vasectomy procedure will be another 2 to 6 months out. We wish this were not true and you probably dont believe what we are saying…so we invite you to do your own investigation.

Often times men considering vasectomy will become frustrated because vasectomy doctor’s websites are not informative and office staff provide little helpful information about the procedure or costs of vasectomy over the phone.

Dr. Monteith has worked hard to create an informative website, to educate his staff about the vasectomy procedure he performs, and to offer a low cost vasectomy procedure.

Dr. Monteith offers Durham vasectomy patients (and other patients as well) the most minimally invasive form of vasectomy: no needle anesthesia (local anesthesia provided with a air/spray device), a no scalpel opening (a single skin opening created with skin spreading technique), and an open ended vasectomy technique to minimize after vasectomy pain.

Dr. Monteith is also one of the few doctors offering Exparel which is a 72 hour acting local anesthetic. This is to provide further assurance that your vasectomy procedure is as painless as possible.

Vasectomy procedure in Durham: Good luck finding a single visit vasectomy appointment!

You can readily find vasectomy doctors in Durham; however, you will not be able to find a vasectomy doctor in Durham who offers a single visit vasectomy appointment.

Most vasectomy doctors require patients to have multiple visits to obtain what is, in reality, a very simple, in-office preventive health care procedure. Often your experience will go like this:

  1. Schedule first preoperative vasectomy consultation
  2. Schedule second appointment for vasectomy (if you even go back)
  3. Schedule third appointment for a follow-up visit
  4. Schedule fourth appointment for the after vasectomy semen sample testing

Not only will your vasectomy consultation be way in the future but you may also find yourself having either a in person group consultation or a group Zoom consultation. How personal is that approach?

Dr. Monteith allows patients the option of having a vasectomy in one visit and the option of returning their semen sample by mail. If you want a vasectomy consultation then that can usually be scheduled for you within two week but over 98% of men choose to have a single visit vasectomy procedure appointment.

Dr. Monteith makes himself readily available to patients to return for a postoperative evaluation if his patients feel it is important or have concerns about their procedure.

You can easily find vasectomy doctors in Durham but you will have a hard time obtaining a vasectomy in Durham done all in a single visit!

Affordable vasectomy in Durham

If you have been looking for an affordable vasectomy in Durham then you should know Dr. Monteith offers his patients the most affordable vasectomy procedure in the state of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Dr. Monteith has tried to remove barriers to vasectomy by accepting most major health insurances (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Cigna) and by keeping the cost of vasectomy affordable for men who either do not have insurance or who have high health insurance deductibles.

For more information: Cost of no scalpel vasectomy with Dr. Monteith

Although you can easily get a vasectomy in Durham, you will have a very difficult time finding vasectomy doctors in Durham offering a vasectomy procedure that is as affordable as Dr. Monteith’s vasectomy procedure. Even if you have health insurance, you may have a high deductible and the cost of this procedure should be an important consideration.

 Vasectomy in Durham? Come on over to Raleigh

If you are searching for vasectomy in Durham, then you may save yourself a lot of time and hassle by taking the short drive to Raleigh to see Dr. Monteith.

Men regularly travel from South Carolina and Virginia to have vasectomy with Dr. Monteith. If you would like to schedule a vasectomy procedure you can easily schedule on line and most men can obtain a vasectomy appointment within a week of calling the office.

For more information about having a vasectomy with Dr. Monteith visit: Why vasectomy with Dr. Monteith

For more information call (919) 977-5060.

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