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Cost of Vasectomy

My goal is to reduce unnecessary barriers for vasectomy and to make vasectomy more available.

Two major vasectomy barriers are the number of office visits required and the cost of these office visits.

We all live busy lives and it is challenging to keep multiple appointments. It is especially challenging to make and keep appointments for things you are not thrilled to have done. The additive costs of these visits, the vasectomy procedure itself, time missed from work, and increased anxiety can create unnecessary barriers for what ultimately is a simple procedure.

The barriers to vasectomy are even more substantial when one understands either having a vasectomy or not having a vasectomy can have a profound impact upon a person’s life.

***Starting January 1st 2020, we will no longer accept health insurance as payment for vasectomy and the total cost for vasectomy will be $850.***

You choose: One or two visits?

In an effort to minimize these barriers to vasectomy, I allow patients their choice of either a single visit vasectomy procedure or the more ‘traditional’ pre-operative consultation visit followed by a vasectomy procedure visit at a later time. I do not require patients have a routine vasectomy follow up visit and we do not charge for the three (3) month post-vasectomy semen sample evaluation when done in our office.

Click on each section below for greater detail about the cost of vasectomy and health insurance information.

Appointment deposit

As a result of eliminating mandatory vasectomy consultation visits, patients will need to honor their commitment when they schedule either a vasectomy consultation or vasectomy procedure only appointment by paying a $100 deposit.

All patients, whether they use health insurance or the prompt payment discount, are required to secure their appointment by submitting a $100 deposit. This deposit can be paid securely, on-line and will be applied towards your total cost. If you have an insurance co-payment then your deposit will be applied towards your co-payment and you will be refunded the difference.

The $100 deposit is fully refundable if a patient cancels their appointment seven (7) calendar days or more before their appointment date.

The $100 deposit is non-refundable if a patient cancels or reschedules within seven (7) calendar days of their appointment date.

Vasectomy follow up visit

I do not require a routine follow-up visit after vasectomy. All patients will receive my personal cell phone number to call me if they think they are experiencing a vasectomy related problem.

Vasectomy semen sample follow-up visit

My office will perform one (1) follow-up semen sample test at no charge for all patients within the first four (4) months of the vasectomy procedure.

Patients who take their semen sample to an outside laboratory for the vasectomy confirmation test will be charged for this testing. Your health insurance may or may not pay for this testing. The cost for a post-vasectomy semen sample at an outside lab ranges from $50 to $125 dollars.

Gentle Touch Vasectomy: Health insurance coverage and cost?

Determining if your health insurance plan covers vasectomy requires you do a little homework.

It is in your best interest to pre-verify your coverage with your health insurance plan before you schedule vasectomy. This six minute video explains how to determine if you have vasectomy coverage and how much of the procedure will be covered.

Health insurance companies are not required to honor pre-verification promises made to doctor’s offices. Health insurance companies reserve the right to make final determination of how much they cover and how much you owe after the procedure has been provided.

What Our Patients Are Saying

"Dr. Monteith prepared me mentally for the pre, during and post procedure journey. He also provided me with all the tools necessary for a comfortable recovery. I'm definitely confident in this Dr's work, and especially glad at how little pain I experienced throughout the process. It would be worth it to visit Dr. Monteith no matter what state you have to travel from, I drove from Virginia."

- J.R.

"Very comforting and knowledgeable experience not only was the staff pleasant so was the atmosphere! I drove 3 hours so i did my research. I was impressed with the information, visuals, and on hand knowledge about what the procedure was all about. I felt like an expert after i left! Not to mention the 45 min in and out time. I will be recommending this to all my colleagues thank you!"

- J.W.

"Dr Monteith, and his staff, were all very professional about my decision to have a vastectomy. They informed me of the risks, the surgery procedure, and the post-surgery care. The procedure itself was relatively painless. I would rate this as a 2/10. I highly recommend Dr Monteith; he even sent me a text message after the surgery to give me a personal update on my procedure. The procedure was quick."

- S.E.

"If you're in the market for a Vasectomy you need to give Dr. Monteith a serious look. Just compare the information on his website to the information you'll get from other options around the triangle. It's hard to get solid answers on cost, procedure and expectations up front from other offices but A Personal Choice plays no games and has great informative well designed website. Dr. Monteith makes it easy!"

- J.P.

"Excellent care. I visited Dr. Monteith for a single visit appointment on a Friday. Very clean, comfortable office. Pleasant staff. The procedure was quick and I went back to work for a little while. The only pain I experienced was soreness beginning about 4 hours post procedure, lasting for 24 hours, then subsiding rapidly. I was fine by Monday. The office checked on me twice, no problems. I would recommend Dr. Monteith to anyone.

- M.D.

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