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Why Have Your Vasectomy With His Choice?
10 Big Reasons!

Vasectomy is the safest and most effective form of permanent birth control.

Unfortunately, a significant problem with getting a vasectomy is that it is too easy to delay your decision until another day.
Delays often cause dilemmas. As a result, our office is committed to making vasectomy easier and more attainable by removing unnecessary barriers.

We want your visit with us to be timely and efficient. Not many vasectomy providers in the Carolinas will making having a vasectomy as easy and simple as does our office.

The following are 10 major benefits of having your vasectomy with our office.

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I was the first doctor in the Carolinas to offer men His Choice Vasectomy: no-needle, no-scalpel, minimally invasive vasectomy with the option of having their vasectomy performed during a single office visit.

My goal is to provide the most minimally invasive vasectomy procedure. I provide vasectomy without a needle to administer anesthesia and without a knife to make a skin opening. All of this can be done with a single office visit. A consultation is not always required.

We do our best to make your visit as efficient and as painless as possible.

I use an open ended vasectomy technique. Older, conventional vasectomy techniques have been associated with more vasectomy complications. An open ended vasectomy technique may cause less discomfort after vasectomy.

More Information: Open ended vasectomy technique

Most men can have vasectomy without the need for anti-anxiety medication or narcotic pain medication before, during, or after a vasectomy procedure. The vast majority of men can have vasectomy safely and comfortably with local anesthesia alone.

I now offer vasectomy with deep sedation if requested.

More information: Vasectomy with deep sedation

Sedation vasectomy is not necessary but neither is flying first class nor sitting in a luxury box at a sporting event!

Some men will chose to have sedation vasectomy for the extra guarantee of comfort sedation can provide.

As of January 1st, 2024, I have performed over 7,376 vasectomy procedures.

I have also performed vasectomy internationally in the Philippines, Kenya, and Haiti. The following links will provide more information about those mission trips.

We keep great vasectomy statistics demonstrating the safety and acceptability of His Choice Vasectomy:

I only have two requirements for patients when having a vasectomy at my practice:

  • They must be over the age of 21
  • They must be able to provide informed consent

I do not require you be married, obtain spousal consent, bring your partner or a driver, have a minimum number of children, have a psychological evaluation, or wait a minimum number of days after you make your decision.

My patients are adults and have the ability to make their own decisions about what is right for them.

I offer patients a choice of two appointment types when having a vasectomy.

  • Having their vasectomy performed all at one visit*
  • Having a vasectomy consultation first and then returning to have the vasectomy performed at a later visit.

I am the only provider who offers men the choice of having the vasectomy done during a single office visit.

More Insight on how many visits are required for vasectomy

* Even when having a single visit vasectomy procedure, I will meet with patients in the consultation room to answer important questions before the vasectomy procedure.

Dedicated Vasectomy Time: My time is important...your time is important

When you call my office you can usually have a vasectomy within 2 weeks of calling to schedule an appointment.

My goal is to not make patients wait more than two weeks. Many offices won't provide you with timely appointments and will require you wait for several weeks before you can have either your consultation appointment or vasectomy procedure.

I dedicate my office time on Thursdays and Fridays and exclusively provide vasectomy. This means when you come for vasectomy you will have a quick and efficient visit. You won't be delayed because I am stuck in the operating room, rounding in the hospital, or taking care of some unexpected emergency.

I offer one of the most affordable vasectomy procedures around.

The cost for a vasectomy procedure is $1,250.

You will need to pay in full on the day of service for your procedure. We do not accept health insurance as payment for vasectomy but you can submit for reimbursement from your health insurance company after the procedure has been completed.

Most men, even those with health insurance, will pay less when having a vasectomy at our office than with many other providers. Most doctors require two appointments and the average cost for vasectomy is $1,500 in North Carolina and $2,500 in Virginia.

For more information: Cost of vasectomy and health insurance coverage and reimbursement

We will provide you with the information required so you may obtain reimbursement directly from your health insurance company after your vasectomy has been completed. It is not that difficult to obtain reimbursement directly from your health insurance company and they will be more responsive to you since you are their paying client.

I do not require a mandatory follow-up visit after vasectomy because the overwhelming majority of vasectomy follow-up visits are unnecessary.

Every patient will be provided my personal cell phone number should they feel they are having a problem that requires urgent attention. Patients are also encouraged to call my office and speak with our nursing staff if they have a concern.

We readily answer the phone at our menus to navigate and you can easily and quickly speak to a real person!

Patients who have concerns after vasectomy can easily obtain a follow-up visit should they feel it is important.

I offer four choices for completing the 3 month post-vasectomy semen sample test:

  • Returning to the office for semen sample testing 
  • Having it done at a laboratory close to your home
  • Mailing your sample to my office for evaluation
  • FDA approved home after vasectomy home testing kit (SpermCheck)

More Insight on Flexible Options for Semen Sample Testing

Our goal is to make your vasectomy as easy as possible. We want your visit to be informative, efficient, and with minimal wait time.

To provide better information for patients, we have developed a 9 part vasectomy educational video series:

Our patients recognize the great service we have provide and our Google Reviews prove it:

Schedule Your Vasectomy In 3 Simple Steps!

  1. Decide if you want a consultation visit first or a single visit vasectomy procedure
  2. Complete the on-line registration, pay the scheduling deposit, and select your appointment date and time
  3. Read before and after vasectomy instructions

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What Our Patients Are Saying

"Dr. Monteith prepared me mentally for the pre, during and post procedure journey. He also provided me with all the tools necessary for a comfortable recovery. I'm definitely confident in this Dr's work, and especially glad at how little pain I experienced throughout the process. It would be worth it to visit Dr. Monteith no matter what state you have to travel from, I drove from Virginia."

- J.R.

"Very comforting and knowledgeable experience not only was the staff pleasant so was the atmosphere! I drove 3 hours so i did my research. I was impressed with the information, visuals, and on hand knowledge about what the procedure was all about. I felt like an expert after i left! Not to mention the 45 min in and out time. I will be recommending this to all my colleagues thank you!"

- J.W.

"Dr Monteith, and his staff, were all very professional about my decision to have a vastectomy. They informed me of the risks, the surgery procedure, and the post-surgery care. The procedure itself was relatively painless. I would rate this as a 2/10. I highly recommend Dr Monteith; he even sent me a text message after the surgery to give me a personal update on my procedure. The procedure was quick."

- S.E.

"If you're in the market for a Vasectomy you need to give Dr. Monteith a serious look. Just compare the information on his website to the information you'll get from other options around the triangle. It's hard to get solid answers on cost, procedure and expectations up front from other offices but His Choice plays no games and has great informative well designed website. Dr. Monteith makes it easy!"

- J.P.

"Excellent care. I visited Dr. Monteith for a single visit appointment on a Friday. Very clean, comfortable office. Pleasant staff. The procedure was quick and I went back to work for a little while. The only pain I experienced was soreness beginning about 4 hours post procedure, lasting for 24 hours, then subsiding rapidly. I was fine by Monday. The office checked on me twice, no problems. I would recommend Dr. Monteith to anyone.

- M.D.

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If you have been a patient at our center and have specific questions about your medical care you should contact the staff directly at (919) 977-5060.

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