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Why Are Are We Offering Free Vasectomy Procedures?

Support the cause! Volunteer for a free vasectomy!

We are offering free vasectomy procedures because we need patient volunteers to help train qualified doctors who wish to perfect their minimally invasive vasectomy technique.

Dr. Monteith offers training to doctors who want to incorporate His Choice Vasectomy into their current medical practices. To learn, these doctors need to do real vasectomy procedures on real patients who really need vasectomies.

We need patients who are willing to be vasectomy volunteers so these doctors can learn the science and art of performing His Choice vasectomy….this is why we are offering free vasectomy procedures.

Also quickly to put this point out there: Being a training patient does not mean you will have a horrible experience during your vasectomy.

In most medical learning environments, patients have no choice in allowing health care providers to learn or train on them.

When you go to a university health care institution it is implicit, you may have even signed something you were not aware of giving your consent to be trained on, and you cannot opt out!

Dr. Monteith prefers to approach this issue a different way.

Dr. Monteith is offering free vasectomy procedures to those patients who are willing to have training procedures performed on them. In doing so, Dr. Monteith will be providing willing patients heavily discounted vasectomy procedures (i.e. free) for men willing to be a vasectomy training patient.

Benefits of our free vasectomy procedures:

  • Patient gets a free vasectomy
  • Training doctor gets to learn without the stress of worrying how the patient feels about being learned on
  • Dr. Monteith can instruct without worrying how the patient feels about being a training subject

It is a win win for all!

When Are Free Vasectomies Available?

Dates for free vasectomy procedures will be listed on this page of our website when these dates have been agreed upon by Dr. Monteith and the training physician.

Not only will dates be listed on our website but we will also send email notifications to those who sign up to be notified using the Free Vasectomy Candidates Training Form at the VERY END of this page (ie not our scheduling calendar).

When doctors commit to learning His Choice vasectomy they will travel to Raleigh NC to perform the procedure under Dr. Monteith’s guidance. Once these doctors commit to specific training days, free vasectomy procedures will be offered to volunteers. We will notify volunteers by email.

Drs Monteith and Ochieng at Marie Stopes Clinic in Kisumu, Kenya

If you are willing to be a training patient in exchange for a free vasectomy then you should enter your name and email into our Free Vasectomy Candidates Training Form at the very end of this page to receive an email notification when these dates are available.

Once these dates are offered all interested candidates will receive an email notifying them of the available appointment dates.

The email will be sent about three (3) weeks in advance of the appointments. We use a legit email application, MailChimp, that allows you to opt out of these emails when you receive them. We will not use your email for any other purpose.

If you are able to have a procedure on the dates and times indicated then you will need to return to this page of our website and officially sign up through our website as if you were scheduling a regular, full pay vasectomy appointment.

Free Vasectomy Procedures: More Details…

To schedule a free vasectomy procedure you will need to pay a $950 scheduling deposit. Once your vasectomy is completed you will be refunded $950 within 72 hours of your completed procedure. Why pay $950?

Because we really need you to be committed to show up!

Your $950 is fully refundable if you cancel with more than seven (7) days notice or once your vasectomy has been completed. If you do not show up or try to cancel within seven (7) days of your scheduled appointment then you will lose your scheduling deposit. We do not allow training procedures to reschedule.

It is critical you honor your appointment because these doctors are dedicating their time to learn (you can’t learn if patients do not show up), Dr. Monteith is dedicating extra time to training, and your absence denies another patient a chance to have a free vasectomy procedure.

Dr Monteith teaching vasectomy procedures in Cebu, Philippines

These appointments will be very limited. Most likely they will be on Saturdays and Sundays; however, other days or evenings could be offered.

We will try to identify days appointments are available on our website but will not allow patients to sign up for them more than two (2) to three (3) weeks in advance.

The reason for this short notice is 1) patients are less likely to cancel when an appointment is made in the near future and 2) your credit card can most likely be charged and then refunded before your next billing cycle.

Again, appointments will be listed on our website once the training doctors commit and we will also send out notification emails to those who sign up using the form below.

Who Are These Doctors?

Only doctors who have MDs or DO’s graduate degrees will be allowed to undergo training.

Drs Monteith and Mesadieu performing vasectomy in Cap Haitien, Haiti

They will not be residents or medical students. They will be fully licensed to practice medicine in the United States.

These doctors will have busy practices in other areas of the US and many of them may have performed vasectomy procedures during their training years.

When we schedule a doctor we will try to have a link to their current practice on this page of our website so you know who you will be meeting if you volunteer to be a training vasectomy patient.

These doctors are committing to learn more about His Choice Vasectomy because they want to incorporate high quality, barrier free vasectomy in their current practices. By volunteering you are helping them and yourself.

Bottom line…these are legit doctors trying to learn how to be expert vasectomy providers!

Dr. Monteith’s Promise To You

Dr. Monteith is known as a great teacher. The effort he has put into his His Choice educational vasectomy videos should be a testimony to his ability to educate and teach.

Dr. Monteith wants you to know although a “Training Vasectomy” may make you feel a little queasy….it won’t be that much worse than one of his ‘regular full pay’ vasectomy procedures.

Dr. Monteith performs a vasectomy in less than 15 minutes. A training vasectomy may take 15 to 30 minutes and most of this time will be taken up with Dr. Monteith providing teaching about the finer points of providing vasectomy. Dr. Monteith will ensure your comfort throughout the entire vasectomy.

Also just for the record…when any guy thinks about getting a vasectomy he gets queasy…training vasectomy or not!

Who Should Not Apply For A Training Vasectomy?

You SHOULD NOT volunteer for a free vasectomy if any of the following are apply:

  • You have severe anxiety (on medications or have been officially diagnosed)
  • Have PTSD from prior physical or sexual abuse
  • Have had prior scrotal surgery (surgery for undescended testicle, testicular torsion, hydrocele repair, prior vasectomy and or vasectomy reversal)
  • Taking a prescription blood thinner
  • Have such chaos or unpredictability in your life that you may not be able to keep your appointment
  • If you have a history of fainting during medical or dental exams/procedures
  • Have a history of trouble making commitments (you know who you are)

Some guys don’t let much bother them. Some guys let things get in their heads and just can’t get over it…so if you are one of these guys who are going to obsess about having a training vasectomy….then please do not apply.

Dates Free Vasectomy Procedures Are Being Offered

Please sign up using the form below. Email notification will be the best way to timely learn of these appointments.

We will not use your email for any other purpose…we swear. You will also be able to opt out of future emails because we use a certified emailing program that allows you to easily opt out of future email notifications.

You can also bookmark this page and periodically return to this page to check for future dates.


Our appointment scheduler below will only allow you to schedule within the next two (2) weeks if appointments are available because:

  1. We want to minimize the chance patients will cancel. The longer you schedule out the more things come up. Just think about the 6 months in advance when you schedule your dental cleanings! How does that often work out for you?
  2. We want to be able to charge your credit card but issue you a refund in the same billing cycle. This is so you do not have to pay $950 one month but get your refund the next month. Please be aware we can not guarantee this because we cannot time everyone’s billing cycle.

Scheduling Your Free Training Vasectomy Procedure: Use Scheduling App Below

Available appointments will only show within the next two weeks…so if you dont see anything within two (2) weeks then check back…but we will put future dates on this page in the space above and also send out emails to those who submit their emails using the form at the bottom of this page.

We will send out emails the same day we list training vasectomy availability…so the best way to get timely notice is to get on our email list.

Signup For Email Notification When Free Vasectomy Dates Available

Please be aware free vasectomy procedure appointments will be very limited.

Most likely they will be on Saturday or Sunday and limited to five (5) procedures on each day. A single training doctor will commit to performing forty (40) vasectomy procedures when learning about His Choice Vasectomy

Free Vasectomy Candidates Training Form

Free Vasectomy Candidates

Sign up for our Email list to be notified of free training vasectomy appointments.

When you complete this form you will get an automated email notification.

If you do not receive an email notification then check your Spam/Junk folder. If you still do not see an email notification then you may have entered your email address incorrectly.

Thank You For Considering Volunteering For Free A Vasectomy Procedure

Your consideration of being a training patient is sincerely appreciated.

By participating you are helping doctors learn how to be skilled minimally invasive vasectomy providers offering barrier free vasectomy and helping provide others with greater access to vasectomy.

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