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Affordable Vasectomy: How About A Free Vasectomy?

September 10, 2022

If you have been looking for an affordable vasectomy procedure then look no further! You have found just what you are looking for!

Not only can you get an affordable vasectomy procedure but you may also be ale to get a free vasectomy procedure at no cost to you!

Why would you need an affordable vasectomy?

looking-for-affordable-vasectomy-near-meSome men have health insurance and some men don’t.

No health insurance. If you are one of the many men who do not have health insurance then you will need to pay for every doctor’s visit and every surgical procedure.

Men who don’t have health insurance are either unfortunate…or healthy enough where they don’t have to go to the doctor. For many not having health insurance is a financial decision or a financial gamble where the odds are in favor of young healthy men. Why pay for something you most likely will not need?

If you don’t have health insurance you know you are going to have to come out of pocket for every health care visit you have. You readily understand why searching for an affordable vasectomy procedure is important. Especially after you realize the cost of a vasectomy can range from $1,200 to $6,000!

You may search the internet and find many sites saying the average cost of a vasectomy is $500 to $1000…but don’t believe these numbers. Many of these sites rehash the same information that has been quoted since 2000. Inflation happens!

If you don’t believe our numbers then we encourage you to call around and ask different offices how much they charge for vasectomy. Most likely you will not get an answer or you will start hearing numbers in the range we have provided above. This is even more true if you start calling offices north of the ‘Mason Dixon’ line.

Maybe you have health insurance but that is no guarantee you can get an affordable vasectomy. There are two types of health insurance: great and crappy.

Even having health insurance is no guarantee you will get an affordable vasectomy because vasectomy is not a procedure required to be covered under the Affordable Care Act.

More information: Health insurance coverage of contraception

Great health insurance. If you are lucky and have a great health insurance plan then you may only have to pay a small office co-pay for your vasectomy procedure. Co-pays can range from $10 to $500. Most co-pays are on the lower end of this range. This means your vasectomy would only be the cost of your co-pay….or at least the sum of all your co-pays for each visit required to get your vasectomy (visit #1 consult, visit #2 vasectomy procedure, visit #3 follow-up visit, etc).

Crappy health insurance. If you have crappy health insurance then you may have a large deductible or no coverage for vasectomy.

affordable-vasectomy-procedure-his-choice-no-cut-vasectomy-raleigh-north-CarolinaMany employers and individuals will offer or pick the most affordable (i.e. cheapest) health insurance plan to offer their employees or for themselves. Cheap is cheap for a reason….it usually means you have to contribute a decent amount for your health care or many things may not even be covered.

Many men feel uncomfortable going without health insurance. Some will hedge their bets by getting a health insurance plan with a low monthly premium but may have a large annual $5,000. These men reason…that if they have a serious injury (ie get in a serious car accident) they could easily come up with $5,000 to save their lives.

The problem then becomes when men with cheap health insurance need routine health care or a simple preventive procedure like a vasectomy….they will usually have to come out of pocket for the first $5,000. This is when they get mad at their health insurance for making them pay for an important procedure….remember cheap is cheap for a reason.

No vasectomy coverage. Over 80% of health insurance plans recognize the importance of vasectomy and will offer vasectomy coverage. Coverage means they see it as important and are willing to help you pay for it.

About 20% of health insurance plans will not offer vasectomy coverage.

Although it seems strange they would not cover such an important procedure, you should also realize many health insurance plans will not cover cosmetic surgery or fertility treatment or other non-essential treatments or procedures. These policies helps them save money and make their plans more affordable to more people. If they had to cover face lifts, tummy tucks, Botox, and other unnecessary treatments then the entire cost of care would go up for all their members…so they limit cost by not covering what they deem to not be necessary interventions.

Some health insurance plans are religious based and will not cover any form of birth control. These plans will not cover female birth control, female tubal ligation, or vasectomy for men.

Affordable Vasectomy Procedures: Look no further!

If you don’t have health insurance, have a crappy health insurance plan, or just want the best, most minimally invasive vasectomy procedure around then look no further because you have found it: His Choice No Cut Vasectomy.

Dr. Monteith is the Medical Director of His Choice No Cut vasectomy and his office is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Monteith has been offering minimally invasive no-scalpel vasectomy since 2008. He specializes in offering barrier, hassle free affordable vasectomy procedures that can be done in a single office visit.

More information: Affordable vasectomy with His Choice No Cut Vasectomy

Not only does Dr. Monteith offer affordable vasectomy but he also offers free vasectomy procedures to those men who are looking for the best vasectomy procedure at no cost.

Free Vasectomy Procedures: Look no further!

seeking-volunteers-for-free-vasectomy-proceduresThis is not a joke and this is not a scam. You can seriously get a free vasectomy with Dr. Monteith. He is as serious as they come when it comes to his vasectomy practice.

Dr. Monteith offers training to doctors who want to incorporate high quality vasectomy into their current practices.

Doctors who want to get vasectomy training with Dr. Monteith need patients to perform vasectomies. You can’t really do vasectomy training any other way. To help with this training, Dr. Monteith is offerring free vasectomy procedures to men who are willing to be volunteer training patients.

To learn more about his free vasectomy procedures and to get on an email list to be notified about free vasectomy then visit: Free His Choice No Cut Vasectomy Procedures

His Choice No Cut Vasectomy is a minimally invasive vasectomy procedure. This procedure is offered for an affordable price and during a single office visit. His Choice No Cut Vasectomy does not require a scalpel used (so it is a no scalpel procedure) and it does not require a needle used (no needle procedure). Long acting 72 hour local anesthetic is also used during a His Choice No Cut Vasectomy procedure.

Doctors who want to learn more about this procedure receive training with Dr. Monteith in Raleigh, North Carolina. These doctors must make a personal commitment to offering high quality, barrier free, single visit vasectomy in order to learn and offer the procedure to their patients.

If you have no interest in being a training patient and just want an affordable vasectomy procedure then look through the website and schedule a single visit procedure with Dr. Monteith.

If you want an affordable free vasectomy then you should enter your name and email on Dr. Monteith’s notification.

When a training doctor commits to learning then a free vasectomy training schedule will become available. Dr. Monteith will then email you a notification and you will have a chance to sign up for a free vasectomy procedure.


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