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Duke Vasectomy | Advice Before Scheduling Vasectomy

November 10, 2016

getting-a-Duke-vasectomy-can-be-trickyIf you want to schedule a Duke vasectomy… there is important information you need to be aware of before you pick up the phone and try to schedule.

To be clear, Duke has an outstanding group of doctors and a Duke vasectomy doctor can provide you with a safe, modern, and effective vasectomy procedure.

The quality of the procedure is not in question, but the timeliness, efficiency, and the cost of your Duke vasectomy is what you need to be aware of before you schedule.

Duke Vasectomy | A patient’s story

Scheduling a Duke vasectomy procedure can be a time consuming and costly ordeal.

To illustrate… I recently had a vasectomy patient who worked for Duke University. He also had a Duke Health Insurance Plan. He called Duke Urology to inquire about vasectomy. Amazingly he was told they did not accept his health insurance! You heard this right: he was a Duke employee with a Duke health insurance plan that was not accepted by the Duke hospital system where he was employed! Health care in America….

Not only was he told they did not accept his insurance….but it would be 4 to 6 weeks before he could get his consultation appointment and another 1 to 3 months before he could have his vasectomy procedure.

I was in disbelief it was going to take so long to have a vasectomy so I asked one of our staff to call Duke Urology and find out how long it would take to schedule a vasectomy. We called first week of November 2016.

We were informed: the consultation visit could be scheduled in December 2016 and the vasectomy procedure visit would be scheduled in late January/February 2017!

Now if you are not in a rush….then this is not a problem. If you like having a lot of visits and having a lot of time to think about a procedure you, like all men, are dreading, then you will like waiting three unnecessary months.

If you don’t want to be a daddy or have another child then the delay could be life changing!

Vasectomy | A preventative health care procedure

Vasectomy is an important preventative healthcare procedure. It is not good to delay prevention.

To illustrate… I recently had another vasectomy patient who shared his personal story about getting a vasectomy. He told me he went for a consultation a year ago with another doctor, was told the cost was going to be in excess of $1000, and he never went back.

His wife soon became pregnant with a multiple gestation pregnancy. The pregnancy was complicated…they lost one child before birth and the other was born with complications that will provide that child with life long challenges.

Prevention of pregnancy is important…delay often causes dilemmas.

Vasectomy | Don’t Delay

offering-easiest-vasectomy-procedure-availableIf you want to have a Duke vasectomy then you can be reassured you will get a high-quality, effective vasectomy procedure. You will have more visits, more waiting, and, possibly, higher costs. These issues are not unique to Duke and you will experience them when you try to schedule a vasectomy with any large hospital or surgical practice.

If you want to get it over with then come to my practice!

It is because of the above patient illustrations that I provide my patients with affordable, single vasectomy, minimally invasive vasectomy. I don’t require a consultation visit and most patients can have a vasectomy within two weeks of calling my office.

For more information: Vasectomy: Why us?

If you would like to call you can reach a helpful staff person at (919) 977-5050

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