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Free Vasectomies on World Vasectomy Day: November 7th 2014!

October 9, 2014

Free vasectomies Raleigh North Carolina at His Choice Nov. 7th 2014!

On Friday November 7th 2014, we will be joining forces with over 100 doctors in over 25 countries to promote vasectomy and vasectomy awareness. We are offering free vasectomies because we feel it is a worthwhile effort to promote awareness of No-scalpel vasectomy.

World Vasectomy Day was started November 2013 by a socially motivated Documentary film producer, Jonathan Stack, and a equally motivated urologist, Dr. Douglas Stein. Their goal was to increase vasectomy awareness around the world.

We encourage you to take 3 minutes of your time by watching the video embedded in the beginning of this article. Please be aware this feature video was created for the first World Vasectomy Day, which was in October 2013.

We have offered to participate in this worldwide affair and perform five (5) free vasectomies on Friday, November 7th to men who desire to have a vasectomy procedure.

Who is eligible for a free vasectomy?

The free vasectomies are being offered on a first-come first-serve honor system.
We ask that men who have insurance coverage for vasectomy not accept a free vasectomy and allow these free vasectomy procedures to be used by men who have high insurance deductibles, men who have no insurance coverage, or men who have Medicaid/Medicare.

This will be done on an honor system and our office will not make any decisions about who is a candidate for a free vasectomy.
We do require you be over the age of 21 and be able to provide informed consent.


How to get a free vasectomy?

Step 1. Call to inquire about availability of a free vasectomy appointments on November 7th

To get a free vasectomy you will need to call our office and inquire if one of the 5 (five) free vasectomy slots is available. Our office number is at the top of each webpage on the Contact Us section of our website.

If a free vasectomy is available then you will need to follow the same instructions as all of our other patients.

Step 2. Complete the online scheduling form
You need to complete the online scheduling form after you pay the $100 deposit.

Step 3. Submit the $100 refundable deposit
You will need to pay the $100 refundable deposit on-line with a credit card (you are welcome to come by the office and pay in person). This is necessary because we need to make sure you will honor the date and time of your appointment.

You will be refunded your $100 deposit if you cancel more than seven (7) days before November 7th 2014 (so you need to cancel by Halloween).

Step 4. Call our office to get on the schedule
Ask my staff to schedule you for one of the free vasectomy slots for World Vasectomy Day Friday November 7th 2014.

After your vasectomy is completed you will be refunded your $100 refundable deposit.

Getting started with a free vasectomy in Raleigh North Carolina

To get started simply call the office to make sure a free vasectomy procedure is available. Once you have done this then follow the instructions using the following link:

Scheduling A Free Vasectomy on WVD November 7 2014

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