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One Visit Vasectomy Procedure: Whats This All About!

September 25, 2014

What is required to have a vasectomy?

doctors-appointmentMy practice is unique because of many different reasons. One major reason is I allow men the ability to have a vasectomy without making a mandatory vasectomy consultation appointment.

To my knowledge, I am the only vasectomy provider in the Carolinas, Virginia, and West Virginia that allows patients the option of having a vasectomy without a consultation appointment. Why do I allow this?

Vasectomy: An important decision

Having a vasectomy is a very important decision. It is life changing because it limits, in most cases stops, your ability to reproduce. It is not a decision to be made lightly but it is a very personal decision that is best made by the patient…not the health care provider.

It has been my experience that most men are fully aware of what a vasectomy procedure is and what the outcome of a vasectomy procedure should be. During my vasectomy mission to Kenya, we observed that vasectomy utilization in the entire country was almost nonexistent..something like less than 5 vasectomies had been performed within the previous 5 years (keep in mind the population of Kenya is more than 44 million). Despite an extremely low number of vasectomies, over 85% of the population (a very poor and illiterate population) had awareness of what happened to fertility after a vasectomy procedure.

My point is awareness of what a vasectomy does is very high…even in the under developed world.

Vasectomy consultation is a barrier for some

My experience has demonstrated a consultation appointment is often a barrier for some men. I cannot emphasize how many men have confessed to me during their vasectomy procedure they had a previous vasectomy consultation with another provider but they never went back…not because they did not want the procedure but because it was just to easy too make an excuse to not go back for a procedure they were not thrilled about having.

I would ask why and most of them would say…”Just reason.” Most men would follow through with their vasectomy only after their partner skipped a period, miscarried, or had an unplanned pregnancy. Some of them would come for the vasectomy when their partner was in the second of third trimester because they did not want to take any chances the second time around.

Although a vasectomy is a necessary procedure for many, it is too easy to find any excuse to not keep your vasectomy appointment. We are usually not thrilled about keeping appointments for things we are not very fond of doing.

Lets face it…any excuse is good enough to get you out of having a vasectomy…right?

How to schedule a vasectomy?

If you are interested in scheduling a vasectomy then just reach out to us: Contact Us. You can decide what is right for you: one appointment or two.

Our office is His Choice and we are located in Raleigh, North Carolina just inside the I-440 belt line.

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