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Shaving Instructions Before A Vasectomy

Shaving before a vasectomy is dontusetheseimportant because it decreases the time it takes to perform your vasectomy and it removes hairs which could get trapped at the sites of the vasectomy or in the scrotal incision.

Shaving must be done properly to see any benefit and shaving must not cause any trauma to the skin because the antiseptic will burn more and, theoretically, breaks in the skin could increase the risk of infection.

Besides childbirth I have never seen anything cause a man as much anxiety as does the thought of having to shave before a vasectomy. To many men the idea of shaving the genital area is as foreign a concept as is how to use a tampon. To some shaving is normal hygiene and it does not cause as much mental angst as it does to others.

To start, you don’t have to shave before having a vasectomy with me.

It is more ideal if you do shave before your vasectomy appointment because it will shorten the time it takes to perform your vasectomy procedure considerably. Although the shave does not take very long, your perception of time will change when you are allowing another man, whom you have just met and don’t know very well, to do something as personal and private as shave your genital area. If the thought of shaving causes you tremendous anxiety, then I will shave you immediately prior to your vasectomy.

I will present you with simple concepts and instructions on how to shave before a vasectomy but before I do I thought it best to tell you how not to shave.

Absolutely don't do what I like to call 'The Brazilian'.

For those who are unaware of what a Brazilian actually is..the term comes from Brazilian Wax, which is a waxing technique commonly used by some women (and men as well). The technique involves applying hot wax to the groin area, allowing it to become solid, and then ripping it off to cause the complete removal of all hair trapped in the grip of the solidified wax.

Some men have no idea what is required for a vasectomy so they overcompensate and shave it ALL off...hence the term Brazilian.

Dont do the Brazilian before a vasectomy procedure (unless the Brazilian is a common hygienic routine for you). If you do the Brazilian then the vasectomy will go very well and I won't mind at all; however, the antiseptic will intensely sting or burn more at the beginning of the procedure and, most importantly, when your pubic hair grows back you will be a very uncomfortable person for the next several weeks!

In fact, you may even forget about vasectomy discomfort because you will be too focused on walking differently and thinking of creative ways to itch your groin in public without anyone noticing.

Don't do the Brazilian!

dontusetheseSome guys want to get it over with as quickly as possible and what better way to get a shave over as quick as possible as to use electric clippers. Bad idea.

For those who may not have noticed, the scrotum is very wrinkly. The colder the temperature becomes (like when you are buck naked, bent over, and trying to shave yourself ) the more wrinkly the scrotum becomes. Nothing catches the sharp, pointy blades of a clipper like wrinkly scrotal skin. I have seen some fairly nasty scrotal abrasions from clipper heads used without a guard.

If you use a guard then that is acceptable but you must use the lowest guard available. Many men will start this way and then feel the hair length is too long. They then remove the guard and that is when the party starts.

And please don't use an electric shaver around a water source!

dont-use-chemical-hair-removers-before-vasectomyPlease, please don't wax or use chemical hair removers (ie Nair) before your vasectomy procedure.

Chemical hair removers are caustic and harsh to soft, genital skin. These agents work okay on thick leg skin for women...but they are nasty on your nuts!

If you use a chemical hair remover on your scrotum before your procedure, you will immediately understand what we are talking about when we use the skin anti-septic during  your vasectomy procedure.

crazy-woman-with-knifeAlthough some flirtatious guys think it is a good idea to have their partner 'shave' them before a vasectomy, I don't recommend it. It won't get you any favors but it may get you a free trip to the local emergency room.

A non-medical person, especially one that stands directly in front of you, may not be able to recognize the subtle planes and directions required for proper shaving. They may also be timid. I have seen some pretty good hack jobs when a partner was allowed to shave a person.

Definitely don't let your partner shave you if you are having a disagreement!

It is not wise to have people who are upset with you near your genitals with sharp objects.

no-shave-requiredThe goal is to have either no hair on the face of the scrotum or hair that is so short it will not project towards the vasectomy site and possibly get incorporated into the vasectomy site.

If you keep your scrotal hair trimmed and short then it is not necessary for you to shave before your vasectomy procedure.

Hair that is about 1/4 of an inch long is acceptable.

disposable-saftey-razorIn general shaving that causes nicks in the skin has been associated with increased surgical site infections; however, this has never been shown to be true for no-scalpel vasectomy and the infection rate from no-scalpel vasectomy is so low it seems to be safe to shave before your vasectomy procedure.

The best shaving device to use before a vasectomy is a simple, disposable plastic razor. Preferably one with two blades.

The best time to shave is ideally three (3) to seven (7) days before a vasectomy appointment because this will provide enough time for any skin abrasions to heal before your procedure. This will decrease the burning sensation that may be felt with alcohol containing antiseptics used at the start of the procedure.

The best place to shave is inside the shower.

Long hairs can be trimmed with scissors in the oval areas indicated by #2 and the hairs can be shaved in the rectangular area indicated by #1.

The Sasquatch guys can start here: get into the shower and before turning on the water use scissors to trim any long groin hairs that can reach down to the front of the scrotum. Referring to the photo to the right: the longer hairs that need to be trimmed with scissors are often found in the oval areas indicated by the #2. These hairs don't need to be trimmed to the base. Just trim half the length so they can't reach the scrotum. The scissors should never touch your skin because you don't need to trim that close.

After scissor trimming (the non-Sasquatch guys can start here), turn the shower on and increase the water temperature to as warm as you can tolerate it (the scrotum will relax in a warmer environment). Allow the scrotum to become wet and then apply a generous amount of either shaving cream or shampoo.

Don't use soap. Lather from bar or liquid soap is too thin to protect the skin from the blades of the razor. Stand outside of the water stream, shave, and periodically allow the shower stream to rinse the razor blades of trimmed hair for you. Once your shave is complete allow the shower to rinse all residual hair and lather from your groin area.

The entire face of the scrotum should be shaved with the razor in the area indicate by the #1 in the photo. The sides and back of the scrotum, the penis, the groin, and the legs don't need to be shaved.

In conclusion: Shaving before a vasectomy

The above advice should allow you to have a comfortable, non-life threatening shaving experience. If you are having difficulty doing it yourself or don’t feel comfortable shaving then don’t feel pressured to do so. I can easily shave for you immediately before the vasectomy.

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