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Vasectomy Haiti: The Vasectomy Mission Team

August 4, 2015

The 2015 Haiti Vasectomy Mission Team is composed of five doctors, one nurse, and one patient educator. The mission goal will be to travel to Northern Haiti and perform vasectomy procedures at three different sites on as many men who are willing to have the procedure.

Vasectomy is almost non-existent in Haiti so introducing these procedures and expecting utilization is a huge task.

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Vasectomy Haiti July Team 2015

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Pastor Amos Myrtil is a native of Haiti. He left Haiti after the political turmoil of the Duvalier era and relocated to southern Florida where he worked with the HIV positive community. Pastor Amos returns periodically to Haiti and to his hometown of Plaisance. He serves as the Director of Missions in Haiti. He is fluent in Creole and is knowledgable about Haitian culture. He has been instrumental in recruiting patients and educating them about the benefits of vasectomy.

Dr. Maudelin Mesadieu is also a native of Haiti. He completed his medical school training in Haiti and works as a general practitioner. He learned how to perform vasectomy on a prior vasectomy mission and has become a very skilled provider of vasectomy procedures. He operates his own clinic in the town of Ft. Bourgeois. He gives tirelessly of himself providing general medical care to the people of his town. His patients pay him if they are able and he provides a great service to his patients.

Elisabeth Kaplan LPN was born in Haiti and later moved to Florida. She is a pediatric nurse and she frequently returns to Haiti to provide medical care and solar power to the citizens of Haiti. She serves as a Counselor and Coordinator for vasectomy missions. She is fluent in Creole and is instrumental to the success of individual missions. Elisabeth is a co-founder of the Cap Haitian Health Network which is a non-profit health organization dedicated to improving the health of the Haitian People.

Dr. Ramon Suarez is the president and founder of No-scalpel Vasectomy International (NSVI). He first began performing vasectomy missions in the Philippines and under his leadership the organization expanded to provide the highest quality vasectomy procedures in four countries: Philippines, USA, Kenya, and Haiti. The mission of NSVI is to promote and provide free No-Scalpel Vasectomy services worldwide, but especially in developing countries whose infrastructure and environmental resources are challenged by rapid population growth unchecked by established and/or effective family planning programs.

Dr. Charles Monteith is a microsurgical tubal reversal specialist and the Medical Director of His Choice in Raleigh North Carolina. He also performs vasectomy and vasectomy reversal. Dr. Monteith has participated in past vasectomy missions to both the Philippines and Kenya.

Dr. Steven Shu is a office based surgery specialist in Edina, Minnesota. He offers No needle No Scalpel vasectomy in addition to vasectomy reversal. He previously participated in a Philippine vasectomy mission. Dr. Shu maintains a dedicated vasectomy website EZ Vasectomy.

Dr. Doug Stein is a vasectomy expert. He is a urologist who gave up his general urology practice to exclusively dedicate his practice to providing vasectomy in Florida. He joined NSVI and is the Development Director. Dr. Stein is an ardent supporter of vasectomy and vasectomy promotion. He maintains a dedicated vasectomy website Vas Web and if you have ever driven around Florida and seen signs about vasectomy then you have seen Dr. Stein in action.

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Want to help with vasectomy procedures in the developed world?

If you are interested in our vasectomy mission then just continue reading this blog series.

If you would like to financially contribute then you may be able to help patients obtain vasectomy procedures and control the size of their families. This will allow men to better provide for their current children. Consider making a tax-deductible contribution to NSVI. It will go to a good cause. For $45 you can provide a vasectomy for a man who would otherwise be unable to obtain vasectomy. You would be helping him and his family tremendously.

For more information: Making donations to help men get vasectomies in Haiti

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