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Vasectomy Procedure Reimbursement: Two simple steps!

Don’t make this too complicated. It is not as difficult as it may seem and there are only two simple steps.

Step 1. Pre-verify your vasectomy coverage before scheduling

We recommend you determine your vasectomy procedure coverage before coming to our office.

This requires that you call your health insurance company, provide them with the medical codes, and they will let you know if vasectomy is a covered procedure and how much they are willing to reimburse you for your vasectomy.

Over 90% of health care insurance companies cover vasectomy procedures. The bigger question is how much will they actually reimburse you (or apply towards your deductible).

Step 2. Obtain reimbursement after vasectomy completed

After your vasectomy procedure is completed, you will need to submit the information we provide you (receipt and billing information) and a completed Member Claim Form to your health insurance company.

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