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How does vasectomy work? Fact vs Fiction

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The first step in learning about vasectomy is to understand how your stuff really works.

Most people think they understand their body and human reproduction. The reality is many of us have very little understanding of how our stuff works!

Once you have a basic understanding of male reproductive anatomy then you can more easily understand how vasectomy prevents pregnancy.

You will also have a better understanding of why many of the common myths about vasectomy are incorrect.

Each section below expands to explain key areas of the male reproductive system.

Male Reproductive Anatomy: Vasectomy Explained

Image compliments of Advanced Meditech

During a vasectomy procedure an opening is simultaneously made in the skin, thin muscle layer, and fascial layer of the scrotum and each vas deferens is exposed, divided, and permanently closed.

Vasectomy is intended to achieve one result: highly reliable, safe, permanent birth control with a very low risk of complications and side-effects.

After the vasectomy the seminal vesicles must be emptied of remaining sperm and only then vasectomy can be reliably counted on for permanent and highly effective birth control.

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