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Most vasectomy procedures can be done in the office using local anesthesia alone. Deep sedation and general anesthesia are not usually required for the vast majority of vasectomy procedures.

Although general anesthesia is not required for most vasectomy procedures, some men will absolutely not get a vasectomy unless they can be ‘knocked out’.

In order to increase the acceptability of vasectomy for these men, I offer men the option of having a Sedation Vasectomy procedure.

To schedule an optional sedation vasectomy, you will have to call our office and speak with a member of our nursing staff.

Vasectomy and General Anesthesia: Our experience

The majority of my practice is devoted to sterilization reversal. I reverse tubal ligation for women and vasectomy for men. Patients travel to my office from across the United States and from around the world for reversal of sterilization.

Female sterilization reversal must be done under general anesthesia. I have an operating room in my office, fully trained nursing staff, and qualified anesthesia staff. We frequently perform major surgical procedures in our office operating room Monday through Thursday every week.

More information: His Choice Surgical Facility

We have extensive experience in providing safe, outpatient general anesthesia to our patients.

Sedation Vasectomy: How is it done?

We now offer optional Sedation Vasectomy for those who desire to have as close as possible to to a 100% chance of not remembering anything or feeling anything during their vasectomy.

To be clear, we do not offer general anesthesia for vasectomy procedures. General anesthesia requires extremely deep sedation using inhaled anesthetic gases and increases the risks of surgical procedures. Instead we offer IV sedation vasectomy. Sedation vasectomy produces a similar level of pain control and amnesia without the increased risks of general anesthesia.

Sedation vasectomy is performed in our office operating room. Men are given an intravenous catheter (IV) in the preoperative holding area. At all times, patients will be supervised by skilled nursing staff. Anesthesia is supervised and provided by a certified, skilled nurse anesthetist (CRNA).

During sedation vasectomy, patients will receive several medications in their IV.

  • Versed to decrease anxiety and cause amnesia
  • Fentanyl to decrease the perception of pain
  • Propofol to decrease the level of consciousness
  • Long acting extended release local anesthetic

These medications will severely decrease the perception of pain and should provide total amnesia. The vasectomy will be performed in the operating room and patients will recover in our recovery room.

Sedation vasectomy allows us to provide a great vasectomy experience without the increased risks associated with having to insert an advanced airway to provide general anesthesia.

Sedation Vasectomy: Important points to consider?

  • Sedation Vasectomy is not required for most men having a vasectomy.
  • Sedation Vasectomy is recommended for those who have severe anxiety with medical procedures or genital touching, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from sexual assault or traumatic medical experiences, or those who have chronic pain syndromes.
  • Single visit Sedation Vasectomy procedures are available.
  • You will need a driver on the day of your Sedation Vasectomy procedure.
  • The scheduling deposit for single visit Sedation Vasectomy is not refundable because of the staff time required to schedule and coordinate your procedure.
  • Payment for the Sedation Vasectomy is expected in full at the time the procedure is scheduled.
  • If you cancel or reschedule your Sedation Vasectomy procedure within seven (7) of being scheduled you will be charged a $500 cancellation/rescheduling fee.

For more information: Cost of deep sedation vasectomy

To schedule an optional sedation vasectomy, you will have to call our office and speak with a member of our nursing staff.

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