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Does Vasectomy Hurt?

April 2, 2023

Is vasectomy painful?

does-having-a-vasectomy-hurt-how-bad-is-itAlthough most men may not admit to it, the number one question on their minds when considering a vasectomy is often,”Does a vasectomy hurt?“.

If it is not the number one question then this question definitely ranks in the top 3 concerns before having a vasectomy procedure.

Vasectomy is an effective, minor surgical procedure. Vasectomy can safely be performed in a doctor’s office using local anesthesia.

Most men who have a His Choice Vasectomy will have near painless procedures and walk out of the office happy and smiling!

What is the worst part of vasectomy? The wait!

The worst part about having a vasectomy is the anxiety that comes from waiting for the procedure.

This anxiety often slowly builds after the decision is made and before the first consultation appointment is scheduled. Anxiety gradually begins to increase after the first appointment and significantly increases during the time the patient waits for the vasectomy procedure. Anxiety reaches a maximal point after check in and a long walk to the procedure room. Anxiety is often the worst part.

wait-times-for-a-vasectomy-consultation-can-be-six-monthsWe help you with the worst part of vasectomy (the wait for the procedure) by allowing you to make a single visit vasectomy procedure!

How awesome is that? Just one and done!

We allow patients the option of not making a separate consultation appointment and coming for a single visit vasectomy procedure only.

I have found most guys are fully knowledgeable about what they are getting into and can read about risks of vasectomy on our website.

Some men will prefer to have a consolation visit first. They want that opportunity to sit down and talk with the doctor about their procedure. Some have concerns that they would like to have addressed. Others have read the information on the website and seen the videos but would rather get their information through a one-on-one conversation with the vasectomy doctor.

We have experienced approximately 95% to 98% of patients will skip the consultation visit and make a single vasectomy appointment only procedure and skip the consultation appointment.

Being able to make a procedure only appointment greatly decreases the amount of time a guy has suffer from anxiety.

What is the second word part about vasectomy: The needle!

Many men, understandably, have a tremendous amount of fear about needles around, near, or going into their genitals. It just gives you the hubby-jeebies doesn’t it?

The reality is most men barely feel the needle and the local anesthesia may burn slightly as it is administered but that feeling quickly goes away.

Our solution to needle phobia is to provide no-needle anesthesia, which is quickly administered through the skin using a puff of air created by a spray applicator. The sensation is similar to getting lightly snapped with a rubber band on the skin.

It is quick and over before you know it.

So we have eliminated the consultation visit and we provide no-needle anesthesia. Do you still wonder does a vasectomy hurt? Keep reading

Another bad part about vasectomy: The cut!

Traditional or old-school vasectomy required the doctor use a scalpel to make a small incision on each side of the scrotum in order to do the vasectomy. Conventional vasectomy is a technique that was associated with more complications: more pain, more bleeding, and more infection.

No scalpel vasectomy was invented in China by by Dr. Li Shunqiang. In the 1980’s a group of doctors brought the no-scalpel technique to the United States:  A short history of no scalpel vasectomy

At His Choice No Cut Vasectomy….we do not cut your scrotal skin with a scalpel, a knife, or any other sharp object. How do we do it?

Instead of cutting we perform vasectomy using a no-scalpel vasectomy technique.

This is done with a small instrument that we use to poke a single, small hole in the skin of the scrotum directly in the center. We can then gently spread the skin open. The skin is rubbery and elastic…we can poke a small hole, stretch it open, and after we are done the skin will slowly squeeze back together.

No sutures have to be used or removed with our no-scalpel vasectomy procedure.

Does it hurt after vasectomy?

You will as happy as this guy after your vasectomy procedure at our office!

We use a local anesthetic that lasts for up to 5 hours after vasectomy. This allows plenty of time for patients to go back home rest and take ibuprofen or naproxen.

Most men will rate their pain 2 out of 10 after a no-needle vasectomy. We advise patients to resume sexual activity two days after their vasectomy procedure and strenuous activity can be resumed a week after their vasectomy has been completed.

Most men walk out of our office smiling from ear to ear after having a His Choice No Cut vasectomy procedure!

For a near painless vasectomy contact His Choice  for more information about having a no-needle vasectomy. We are located in Raleigh North Carolina and provide No-needle, No-scalpel vasectomy and vasectomy reversal.

Although a vasectomy is not usually considered a fun procedure that most men eagerly look forward to, we like to think we make having a vasectomy as easy as possible. We do everything we can to minimize risk and provide a safe easy vasectomy experience for our patients.

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