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Easiest Vasectomy Procedure Possible: His Choice No Cut Vasectomy!

November 9, 2022

We offer men the easiest vasectomy possible: His Choice No Cut Vasectomy! 

Why is this vasectomy procedure one of the easiest procedures around? His Choice No Cut is minimally invasive and can be done with one office visit, without a scalpel, through one skin opening, and with minimal downtime.

Not only is this the easiest vasectomy possible, but it is also one of the most effective vasectomy procedures with one of the lowest failure rates.

What makes His Choice No Cut Vasectomy the easiest vasectomy possible?

Easiest Vasectomy Procedure Possible: 9 Reasons!

His Choice No Cut is an easy vasectomy procedure because:

  1. No consultation is required. Vasectomy can be done during a single office visit.
  2. Local anesthesia is given without using a needle.
  3. A driver is not required.
  4. Only one, no scalpel skin opening is created. No sutures required.
  5. Nothing is removed during this vasectomy.
  6. The failure rate is extremely low.
  7. Long acting 72 hour local anesthesia is also used for even greater pain control.
  8. Back to normal in 48 hours.
  9. Affordable vasectomy procedure.

If the above reasons don’t convince you about the easy nature of this vasectomy… then nothing will.

His Choice Vasectomy: Consultation not required

his-choice-vasectomy-easiest-vasectomy-possibleMen who have a His Choice Vasectomy are not required to have a mandatory consultation appointment. The only men who are required to have a consultation appointment are those men who have a history of an undescended testicle (either surgically repaired or not repaired).

For many men a consultation appointment is not necessary. They know what a vasectomy is all about. The extra appointment increases the cost. The extra appointment increases your anxiety because the more time you have to think it the more anxious some will become.

Consultations are optional and offered to those who would like to meet and discuss vasectomy…but a consultation is not mandatory unless you have a history of scrotal surgery.

Most men…over 98%…will choose to have a single visit vasectomy without a consultation. Many of these men say the extra appointment only increases their anxiety.

His Choice Vasectomy: No Needle Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is provided with a medical hand-held spray device ( A MadaJet) that uses air pressure to push the local anesthesia through the skin.

Most men describe the feeling as getting lightly tapped on the skin with a rubber band. Many men will find this technique more appealing than getting a needle inserted into their scrotum!

More information: No Needle Vasectomy Anesthesia

How much easier can we make your vasectomy?

A Driver Is Not Required

A driver is not required for this vasectomy. Most patients will drive to and from their vasectomy procedure without any problems whatsoever.

no-driver-required-with-his-choice-no-cut-vasectomy-procedureIf men have a history of fainting they are encouraged to bring a driver with them for their safety. Most men will not faint during or after the procedure…. but a few will! To be clear..they don’t faint because of pain….they faint because of self-induced stress!

Those who do feel light-headed often will have a history of fainting when they see blood or when they are in stressful medical situations. These guys usually know who they are….so if this is you…then bring a driver.

Requiring a driver only makes it more difficult for some men to have a vasectomy…so to keep the procedure as easy as possible a driver is not required. If you are worried because you do not know what to expect then bring a driver just in case.

His Choice Vasectomy: One Skin Opening

Doctors who perform traditional (old-school) vasectomy will use a surgical scalpel to make a small incision on each side of the scrotum.

When you use a scalpel you will cause full thickness skin damage. Scalpel skins incisions will require sutures to help these incisions close. These sutures will stay for 2 to 3 weeks until they slowly dissolve. This causes skin irritation and discomfort.

With the ‘no cut’ technique a small opening is made in the skin using a pointy device (called a no scalpel dissector) that stretches an opening in the skin. This does less damage because it uses the naturally elasticity of the skin to spread an opening. Sutures are not required to closed the opening. The skin opening will slowly squeeze closed after the procedure.

A no scalpel, stretched skin opening will usually close by itself within 24 to 48 hours if left alone.

Only one opening is made in the middle of the scrotum. Each side of the vasectomy can be done through that single opening.

Again, how much easier can we make your vasectomy for you?

Nothing Removed With This Vasectomy

During a His Choice No Cut vasectomy nothing is removed from your body. You leave the office with the same stuff you walked in with!

easiest-vasectomy-procedure-his-choice-no-cut-vasectomyInstead of removing a small section of the tube, as is commonly done with traditional vasectomy, cautery is used to divide and help seal the tube closed.

Cautery…or carefully controlled medical burning…. is used to divide each tube and seal the inside of each tube. The divided ends are then separated slightly by a small titanium clip so these ends cannot rejoin.

The lower end is allowed to remain open. This is referred to as an open ended technique.

More information: Open ended vasectomy technique

The lower end will GRADUALLY heal closed over time. This results in less pressure building up suddenly in the lower end. Less pressure equals less pain during recovery.

The combination of division, cautery, and separation will allow this procedure to have one of the lowest failure rates of the most commonly performed vasectomy procedures.

Lowest Chance of Vasectomy Failure

Three important techniques contribute to a His Choice No Cut Vasectomy having a very low failure rate.

Division of the tubes. The is commonly done during most vasectomy procedures. The effectiveness of His Choice is derived from the techniques that are used after the vas deferens tubes are divided.

Cautery/coaguation of the inside of the vas deferens tubes. This causes the tubes to seal and heal closed quicker than if they were just cut and sutured.

Separating the tubal ends. By separating the ends with a small titanium clip, the ends cannot easily find each other to rejoin. Most vasectomy failures happen within the first 3 months of the vasectomy. Failure rates with His Choice Vasectomy are approximately 0.3% within the first 3 months. After your 3 month semen sample confirms the absence of sperm the chance of a failure decreases to 0.5%.

His Choice No Cut Vasectomy is an easy vasectomy technique that provides one of the the lowest chances of vasectomy failure.

Long-acting Local Anesthesia with Only 48 Hours of Downtime

After the vasectomy has been completed, Exparel anesthetic is used. This does require the use of a small needle…but the needle is used in areas that are already numb. A small needle is required to provide Exparel which is a 72 hour long acting local anesthetics, which is currently one of the longest acting local anesthetics on the market!

Men who have this procedure are encouraged to rest for 48 hours. After 48 hours patients can resume normal activity (including sexual activity).

Frozen peas and ice are not required after a His Choice No Cut Vasectomy. This is yet another reason why this is one of the easiest vasectomy procedures around.

Affordable Vasectomy Procedure

His Choice No Cut vasectomy is a very affordable vasectomy procedure. By eliminating the consultation visit the vasectomy procedure is even more affordable.

For more information: Cost of His Choice No Cut Vasectomy

Health insurance is not accepted at our office…but you can easily pay for the procedure at the time of service and obtain reimbursement for your vasectomy from your health insurance company after the vasectomy has been completed.

Need More Information About The Easiest Vasectomy Procedure Around?

everyone-wants-an-easy-vasectomy-procedureIf you want more information about His Choice No Cut Vasectomy then we encourage you to complete one of the contact forms on our website.

Our website will automatically email you more in-depth information about our vasectomy procedure.

If you would like to schedule you can schedule without speaking to a staff person. Here are three simple steps to self-schedule your vasectomy.

  1. Go to our scheduling page.
  2. Select a date for you single visit procedure.
  3. Pay the scheduling deposit.

For more information on scheduling: Scheduling your single visit vasectomy procedure appointment

We encourage you to look around at other places that also offer vasectomy. After looking at their websites you will quickly see for yourself that we offer our patients the best and easiest vasectomy procedure around!

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