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His Choice Vasectomy In Raleigh North Carolina

September 16, 2014

His Choice Vasectomy is now available to men in Raleigh, North Carolina and surrounding areas. I am proud to be the first provider of this type of vasectomy in the central Carolinas.

Many may be unfamiliar with His Choice Vasectomy so I thought I would offer a brief explanation.

What is His Choice Vasectomy?

There are two main types of vasectomy: conventional vasectomy and no-scalpel vasectomy.

Conventional vasectomy is vasectomy performed using a scalpel, two incisions on the scrotum, and sutures to close the incisions. I like to refer to this type of vasectomy as your Grandfather’s Vasectomy.

There are several variations of No-scalpel vasectomy. His Choice Vasectomy is the most minimally invasive form of vasectomy. No-needle is used to provide anesthesia. Anesthesia is provided using a anesthetic spray applicator. No scalpel is used to make a skin opening. Instead, a skin opening is made using a small spreader device called a no-scalpel dissector.

His Choice Vasectomy, as performed in my office, is the most minimally invasive vasectomy procedure available. A single opening is made in the center of the scrotum (not two as is commonly the case with other vasectomy providers). No tissue is removed. I like to tell my patients they leave with the same items they brought with them. The procedure is also open-ended and this is important for potential patients to know.

Open ended vasectomy: A significant improvement

An open ended vasectomy is when the lower end is not closed during the procedure but allowed to remain open. This allows the lower end to gradually heal closed and minimizes the sudden build up of pressure in the epididymis. This is thought to decrease the chance of pain after vasectomy and, should vasectomy reversal be required, possibly increase the success of reversing vasectomy.

Vasectomy Procedure: Raleigh North Carolina

If you are interested in having a vasectomy then give my office a call. Our goal is to decrease barriers to vasectomy and we have dedicated vasectomy time every week so patients don’t have to wait long to schedule a procedure. I am the only provider of single visit vasectomy appointments because I realize required multiple visits can be a big turn off when it comes to having a vasectomy.

Potential patients are welcome to call my office at (919) 977-5060 or ‘Drop us a line’ using our Contact Us form.

Website visitors who have specific medical questions are encouraged to email me directly using our Ask The Doctor form. I will respond directly within 24 hours of you submitting your question.

We are located in Raleigh, NC at 3613 Haworth Drive near North Hills Mall Midtown Raleigh.
Our office is located just inside the I-440.

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