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New No Scalpel Vasectomy Appointments Added During March Madness!

February 23, 2023

new-no-scalpel-vasectomy-appointments-during-march-madnessWe wanted to let you know have added new no scalpel vasectomy appointments during the best week of March Madness.

Basketball fans you are in luck! Guys just wanting a timely vasectomy appointment…well you are in luck as well!

Last year was a crazy year for vasectomy procedures.

After the 2022 Supreme Court’s Dobb’s vs Jackson Women’s Health decision (the decision that overturned Roe V Wade), we experienced an extreme increase in the demand for vasectomy procedures.

We pride ourselves on offering timely vasectomy appointments. Delays cause dilemmas. We don’t want someone to experience a dilemma because we could not see them soon enough.

Typically, we are booked out about two weeks for vasectomy appointments, but last year we were booked solid for three months into the future! Most surprising we saw a dramatic increase in men with no children who were requesting vasectomy.

Prior to the Supreme Court’s decision approximately 10% of our patients did not have any children. After the overturning of Roe V Wade we saw some days with as many as 80% of men who did not have any children.

More information: Dudes Are ‘Waking Up’ and Scrambling for Vasectomies Post-Roe

Now we are back to a more normal scheduling routine and have appointments available within the next three weeks. In honor of March Madness and to make up for last year’s extended scheduling we have added new no scalpel vasectomy appointments during the first big week of March Madness 2023.

No scalpel vasectomy appointments: March 15th, 16th, and 17th!

get-a-vasectomy-during-march-madness-and-rest-for-two-days-on-the-couchWe recently were able to make changes to our reversal surgery schedule to allow us to offer new no scalpel vasectomy appointments during the first big week of March Madness 2023.

Appointments have been added for Wednesday March 15th, Thursday March 16th, and Friday March 17th.

You can schedule through our website and you do not even have to call and speak to a staff person! How awesome is this?

All you have to do is pick a date, select your appointment time, pay the $150 fee to get on the schedule, answer a few health questions, and just show up for your single visit vasectomy appointment. How hard can this be?

To see available appointments visit: Single Visit Vasectomy Procedure Appointment Scheduling Page

How much easier can we make it for you?

Is March Madness high season for vasectomy?

Many believe March Madness is the most requested time to get a vasectomy. This is actually a myth. It is not true.

The most requested time of vasectomy is not during March Madness it is during the end of the year when people are desperate to have their procedure completed before their annual deductibles reset January 1st. Just wanted to warn you… dont get caught in that rush. If you want an end of the year vasectomy many men have to schedule those appointments no later than August… and that may be too late. Just a warning.

How did the March Madness vasectomy myth get started?

Although the exact origins of the myth are not certain, many believe it started when an enterprising urologist began promoting vasectomy in the early 2000’s during March Madness basketball season. This seemed to catch on and before you knew it many enterprising vasectomy providers started taking advantage of this easy way to promote vasectomy.

Now every year reporters who need content and have deadlines to meet invariably write articles about the popularity of vasectomy during the time of college basketballs biggest event. Many sports focused media outlets will also do pieces on this subject and this myth gets continual life blown into it.

For more information: Does March Madness Really Mean ‘Vasectomy Season’?

Basically the myth is a common myth like Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy…. society has just bought into it because it fun and pokes light at a difficult subject to discuss for many people.

Vasectomy is not more popular during March Madness

Contrary to popular belief, vasectomy is not more popular during March Madness basketball season.

basketball-fans-get-vasectomy-during-march-madnessOur experience has been that vasectomy is NOT more popular during March Madness. Instead, we have found that men who love basketball are more eager to have vasectomy during this time of year.

These big time basketball guys know at some time they will need to have a vasectomy. When they do get vasectomy IT WILL BE during the college basketball biggest end of year, mid-week, tournament and they won’t consider any other time. It is kind of a basketball fan’s big life’s bucket list kind of thing.

Let’s face it…games are in the middle of the week for two week long. If you are a true basketball fan and want to watch as many games as possible then what better way than to take off in the middle of the week and watch every game.

What better excuse can you have than getting a vasectomy? No one is going to argue with you about missing work for that…I mean you got your nuts cut dude! You need to sit on the couch and rest for two days…doctors orders right?

The reality is men who like golf get vasectomy during the Masters Tournament and other big PGA tournaments. Tennis fans often do it during Wimbledon tournament. Football fans universally avoid football season because who wants to be laid up during a good weekend of football? Come on…no tailgating?

Getting a vasectomy: Too easy to delay

It is way too easy to delay getting a vasectomy. I mean who is eager to have their their jewels manipulated in a non-sexual fashion by a strange doctor they have never met?

Unfortunately, many men make many excuses for not getting a vasectomy… they are not ready, they have work obligations, it’s raining today, their back hurts, one of the kids has a soccer tournament this weekend…the list goes on and on. Sometimes it takes a pregnancy or a scare to make a man actually schedule an appointment.

A vasectomy is a preventative care procedure. This means you are having it done to prevent a future situation from happening. It means you are not hurting and you are not desperate. It is very easy to put off doctor’s visits in these types of situations.

We like to make it easy for men to have a vasectomy. This is why we offer single visit appointments and affordable vasectomy procedures.

Wait times for vasectomy are too long!

We have had many patients coming to us recently because they are calling offices and cannot get their first appointment until late spring early summer. These appointments are just for the first mandatory consultation appointment.

The vasectomy appointments are often not being scheduled until early fall or near the end of the year. Think we are joking? Call a few offices and see for yourself. You will be lucky if you even get a person on the phone.

Many of our patients have been driving down from Virginia to have vasectomy with us because they cannot get timely appointments and they are being quoted prices that range anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500.

You should not have to wait three months just to have a consultation about vasectomy.

His Choice Vasectomy: Frozen peas and ice required!

frozen-peas-not-required-after-his-choice-no-scalpel-vasectomyIf you need a vasectomy then dont delay your decision unless you really want to have more children.

In fact, if you want more children then definitely dont get a vasectomy.

For the easiest vasectomy procedure, come to His Choice Vasectomy in Raleigh, North Carolina. We make it as easy as we can for you:

  1. Single visit procedures
  2. Affordable
  3. No needle anesthesia
  4. No scalpel procedure
  5. Single skin opening
  6. Open ended procedure
  7. 72 hours long acting local anesthetic

We keep saying this… but we make getting a vasectomy about as easy as we possibly can. With a His Choice vasectomy you will have minimal downtime…48 hours….frozen peas and ice are not required.

If you are a basketball fan…or just want a timely appointment now is your chance because we have added plenty of new no-scalpel vasectomy appointments during the best week of March Madness 2023!

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