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Vasectomy Haiti: Plenty of Vasectomy Procedures In Plaisance

August 30, 2015 0 Comments

Our vasectomy office was actually a two-story elementary school treacherously poised on the side of a steep mountain. We were given a small basement room to serve as our vasctomy procedure room. As we entered the room we were pleasantly surprised to find there were a...


Vasectomy Haiti: Mission Objective Town of Plaisance

August 24, 2015 0 Comments

We awoke to our first full day in Haiti with the plan to drive two hours to the mountain village of Plaisance to perform vasectomy procedures. We assembled in the hotel restaurant, checked our email, and had petite dejeuner (breakfast) of fruit, omelets and...


Vasectomy Haiti: Base Camp Hotel Roi Du Christophe

August 18, 2015 0 Comments

After changing money, we had to check into our hotel. As we drove towards the hotel, we passed a short stretch of road that paralleled the coast. There was ‘development’ going on. A row of houses immediately adjacent to the beach were deemed illegal and were demolished....


Vasectomy Haiti: Changing Money And Learning Lessons

August 14, 2015 0 Comments

Exchanging money in Haiti was an experience. We drove towards the center of downtown and stopped in front of the main bank. I was expecting we were going to exit the car, walk into the bank, and exchange money. It did not work that...


Vasectomy Haiti: Two Goals For Mission Day Zero

August 9, 2015 0 Comments

We waited for about 45 minutes as our bags were taken off the plane. This was a small time operation, a few guys, lots of people screaming, and, seemingly, no one in charge. The airport in Cap Haitian can’t possibly get more than 3...


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