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Want a Vasectomy in Virginia? Take Your Wallet and Your Wife!

January 16, 2023


having-a-vasectomy-in-virginia-may-empty-your-walletToday was a busy day of performing vasectomies in my office in Raleigh, North Carolina. I had a patient from Virginia who had an interesting story to tell about why he drove to North Carolina for his vasectomy procedure.

Unfortunately the story that he told is all too common… I hear it again and again: having a vasectomy in Virginia is a complicated and expensive process.

He was originally looking to have vasectomy in Virginia, near where he lived, but he was frustrated by the Virginia vasectomy doctor’s offices he called. He eventually came across my website and decided to make the the short drive to Raleigh NC to have No needle, No scalpel vasectomy.

What frustrated him about trying to schedule his vasectomy in Virginia?

The lack of information about the procedure, the number of visits required, the cost of the vasectomy procedure, and the requirement for spousal consent for vasectomy.

Lack of information

Let’s be clear…you can get information about vasectomy but most doctor’s offices really make you work for it. The first problem is you have to call the office. Okay…call the office…what is so hard about that?

First, no one ever answers the phone when you call a doctor’s office now-a-days. We have all head it, “If you are having an emergency…” blah, blah, blah, do the obvious “Call 911.”

calling-a-vasectomy-doctor-is-a-painful-processSecond, you are given an endless maze of selections to choose from. “Press 1 for English and Press 2 for Spanish.” Then they say they are with other patients right now and leave a message so we can never call you back!

Third, whoever answers the phone will neither have knowledge of or will never provide you with meaningful information.

You may luck out and get a real live person on the phone but dont get too happy. No matter what question you ask they are going to tell you they do not know the answer….but if you make an appointment the doctor will happily talk to you about it.

The most common question people have is what is the cost of the vasectomy procedure… the problem is the doctors almost never know the cost of the vasectomy procedures they provide because it depends on your health insurance status and the amount of your deductible.

“How many office visits will I need?”

The average vasectomy doctor will require you to have at least three (3) visits.

  • First visit to talk about the obvious.
  • Second visit to have the obvious.
  • Third visit for either a follow-up or semen sample.

These visits add increase the amount of time required to get a vasectomy but also increase your anxiety level. Nothing makes a guy more nervous about vasectomy than having to wait longer thinking about having a vasectomy.

Cost of vasectomy in Virginia

Vasectomy is not cheap in Virginia. They must do a different kind of vasectomy procedure than we do in North Carolina!

Dr.-Charles-W.-Monteith-Medical-DirectorMy patient told me when he searched near his hometown he found plenty of vasectomy doctors; however, when he called the office he could get very little information about the vasectomy procedure and, especially, about the cost of vasectomy.

One Virginia vasectomy doctor’s office told him the vasectomy procedure would cost between $2,000 to $3,000! No joke..over time the cost of the procedure, like everything else, has gradually increased as a result of inflationary demands.

For more information: Cost of vasectomy with Dr. Monteith

This guy has health insurance and works a high paying job. Unfortunately, he, like so many other men, have vasectomy coverage but they have high deductible health insurance plans. He has a $2,500 annual deductible. Essentially this means the first $2,500 of the cost of any medical procedure will be covered directly by him during the year. Even when a person has health insurance a high annual deductible can make vasectomy unaffordable. Even those who can afford it may not want to drop a monthly mortgage payment on what is ultimately a very simple preventative health care procedure.

My Virginia vasectomy patient was more than happy to drive the 3 hours to my office and pay my affordable cost for a single visit, no scalpel vasectomy procedure.

Spousal consent for vasectomy: Really?

Postop-debriefingThe other reason my Virginia vasectomy patient was put off with his search to have a vasectomy in Virginia was because one of the vasectomy doctors told him he had to bring his wife with him to sign a spousal consent for vasectomy! He was, understandably, dumbfounded.

Although he was married, his wife was living in another state and it would have been very difficult for her to attend his vasectomy consultation appointment.

To my knowledge, the state of Virginia does not require spousal consent for vasectomy and it was, most likely, the individual preference of the vasectomy doctor.

Talk about barriers to vasectomy! What if he was not married, going through divorce, or if his wife had died? What if he had a wife but did not want her to know he was getting snipped…happens more than you think! How would he have been able to get a vasectomy? Why does a spouse have to consent for vasectomy when they are not even the patient?

Isn’t this a little bit of a ‘dated’ medical practice reminiscent of the Mad Men era?

Vasectomy in Virginia: How about barrier free vasectomy in Raleigh North Carolina?

If you have been quoted a high price for vasectomy, required to have multiple visits, or have been asked to have your wife sign your vasectomy consent form and you just don’t want to go through those hassles then contact my office for the best most minimally invasive vasectomy around.

If you are looking for vasectomy in Virginia and you want a single visit, minimally invasive, no needle, no scalpel vasectomy then you should take the short drive and have a vasectomy with me in my office in Raleigh NC. We are not that far away and I have patients every week who make the trip down to have a vasectomy. I even have patients who fly out from the midwest to have a vasectomy and fly back home.

Do you think driving to Raleigh is too much to do…too long to drive? If so then explain how people have no difficulty driving five hours to the beach of 12 hours just to go see Mickey Mouse at Disney world?

Come see me for your vasectomy procedure. We will make it easy and hassle free. We specialize in offering barrier free vasectomy.

I will make it as painless as possible and we can do it all during a single office visit. You can leave your wife at home..or bring her (the more the merrier) and we won’t break your wallet.

For more information: Hassle free vasectomy: Why us?

Or call us at (919) 977-5060 for more information.

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