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Will Aetna Cover Vasectomy Procedures?

March 11, 2015

aetna-vsectomyWill Aetna cover vasectomy procedures? They do now!

Although we offer patients the most affordable no scalpel vasectomy procedure around, we do accept health insurance for no scalpel vasectomy procedures.

Previously our office only accepted Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna for vasectomy procedures.

As of this year we began accepting Aetna for vasectomy procedures.

Will Aetna cover vasectomy?

Aetna does cover vasectomy in most cases; however, how much coverage you have depends on several factors.

1. What is your deductible with Aetna?
Some health insurance plans have high annual deductibles. This means if you have such a plan you must make monthly payments for your health care premiums and also pay directly out of pocket for any health care expenses until pay your deductible for that year.

After you meet your annual deductible then Aetna will cover the cost of your office visits and procedures for the rest of the year. When the year rolls over…the annual deductible game starts all over again!

2.Where are you in your deductible contribution with Aetna for the year?
If you have not paid anything towards your Aetna deductible then you may have to pay for your entire vasectomy. Don’t worry because at His Choice we have your back because we only charge $640 total for an entire single visit vasectomy procedure.

Even men with high annual deductibles will find $640 affordable. We do this because many men will have high deductible plans and will not be able to afford vasectomy because of their annual deductible. We have heard horror stories of vasectomies costing as much as $3,000! Many men, even those with health insurance coverage, may not be able to afford vasectomy because of the cost most vasectomy doctors charge.

3. Is the procedure performed in an office or hospital?

Sometimes health insurance plans will cover procedures in an office but not in a hospital. For some health insurance plans, if procedures are in a doctor’s office then you will need to only pay an office copay but if the procedure is done in a hospital setting then you may have to pay an amount up to the limit of your annual deductible.

Does insurance cover vasectomy?

Most insurance will provide coverage for vasectomy; however, approximately 10% of current health insurance plans will not provide coverage for vasectomy.

The best way to determine will Aetna cover vasectomy is to call them. Often this is more painful than the vasectomy but it is the best way to find out the answer.

AetnaYou will need to provide them with these vasectomy medical codes:

Diagnosis code Z30.2
Procedure code 55250

If you are having a vasectomy procedure at a Personal Choice with Dr. Monteith you may need to inform your health insurance company your vasectomy procedure is performed in the office.

Will Aetna pay for vasectomy?

Aetna will often pay for vasectomy procedures at His Choice in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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