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Does Vasectomy Affect Your Sex Life?

December 30, 2014

Can having a vasectomy damage your sex life?

This is a common question from men (their female partners as well) when considering vasectomy. A search of this topic will find many individual stories of men who have had vasectomy and had their sex lives change for the worst. Although these stories are important it is critical for those who are considering vasectomy to understand most men who have a vasectomy will not notice any change in their libido, sexual activity, or desire.

Many medical studies have demonstrated most men will not notice any change in their sexual satisfaction after having vasectomy. Some men may even see improvement in sexual satisfaction after having a vasectomy procedure.

A recent study on vasectomy and sexual desire demonstrates women may see the greatest increase in sexual satisfaction after their partners have had a vasectomy procedure.

Vasectomy study supports sexual benefits of vasectomy

A recent study evaluated 76 couples for quality of sexual function after vasectomy. The study found 93% of males and 96% of females would recommend vasectomy or make the same decision to have a vasectomy if given a second choice. The most significant improvement was seen in female partners who reported increased desire, arousal, orgasm, and satisfaction.

The authors conclude vasectomy positively impacts the sexual satisfaction of couples.

Vasectomy and sex drive: Side effects

The American Urological Association discusses the evidence about vasectomy affects on sexual function in their 2012 Vasectomy Guidelines:

Despite the relatively weak study designs, the available data with regard to sexual outcomes of vasectomy were consistent. Men generally resumed intercourse within two weeks of vasectomy. There was an increase in frequency or improvement in sexual satisfaction in half or more of patients and a decrease in frequency of intercourse and in sexual habits in only 5% of men across studies. A recent large population-based study confirmed the lack of sexual problems in men following vasectomy. Overall, it appears that for the vast majority of men who undergo vasectomy, there are no negative effects on sexual function. Many patients are concerned that vasectomy may cause changes in sexual function such as erectile dysfunction, reduced or absent orgasmic sensation, decreased ejaculate volume, reduced sexual interest, decreased genital sensation and/or diminished sexual pleasure. Patients may be reassured that there is no evidence that any of these problems are caused by vasectomy.

Safety of vasectomy procedure

Vasectomy has consistently been demonstrated to be a safe procedure which has several benefits.
The most important benefit of vasectomy is effective and permanent birth control.

It now appears a secondary benefit may be an improvement in sexual satisfaction in both men and their partners! How is that for a nice vasectomy side effect?

Men who are interested in vasectomy and live in Raleigh, North Carolina or the surrounding areas are welcome to contact Dr. Monteith’s office should they desire to schedule a vasectomy procedure. Dr. Monteith is currently the only provider in Raleigh of no-needle anesthesia for vasectomy.

Scheduling a vasectomy procedure

You can easily schedule an single visit vasectomy procedure appointment by:

1. Completing the on-line prescheduling questionnaire: Vasectomy Registration

2. Calling the office and requesting a vasectomy procedure appointment (919) 977-5050


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2. American Urological Association 2012 Vasectomy Guidelines.

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