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Travis Has A Vasectomy Procedure: Mans Up Big Time!

January 9, 2015

Travis wants a vasectomy procedure. He traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina to have no scalpel vasectomy with Dr. Monteith.

Travis after his vasectomy…how bad could it have been…everyone is smiling!

He is engaged to his fiancé, Jennifer. Travis has 4 children from a previous relationship and Jennifer has 2 children from another relationship.  Although they are engaged to be married and they don’t have any children together, they decided vasectomy is the best option for their relationship.

Travis has decided it is time to get a vasectomy. I asked him if he would share his story for the benefit of other couples.

This is the story of Travis and his vasectomy.

Travis: Why vasectomy?

Travis describes himself as a child of the military.
He was born in North Dakota and moved around quite a bit. He eventually settled in Goldsboro, North Carolina. He works full time in the custodial department for the public school system and has a part time job in an auto parts store. He has 4 children from a previous relationship and he has been with Jennifer for the last 6 years.

Together they have 6 children and a 7th is not part of their plans. They decided vasectomy is they way to go for the two of them.

No needle and No scalpel vasectomy: Only way to go!

Travis seriously thought about having a vasectomy for over a year. He was familiar with vasectomy because his brother had a vasectomy 14 years ago. Travis says his brother did not have the benefit of no scalpel vasectomy but instead had “the old school procedure” done with a scalpel and an incision on both sides. His brother told Travis, “It was alright…not too bad.”

Vasectomy research

Travis did his vasectomy research. He realized vasectomy was simpler and lower risk for him and for his partner. He understood vasectomy is a better and safer form of permanent birth control for men than was tubal ligation for women. Not only was he aware vasectomy was simpler and easier but he also had a personal account of the ease of the procedure from his brother.

How long does vasectomy take?

I asked Travis why he chose to come to His Choice for his no scalpel vasectomy. After doing his research he felt our practice was where he wanted to come for his procedure. He was aware no scalpel vasectomy was possible but he never knew a vasectomy procedure could be done without a needle and we were the only place he could find performing no needle vasectomy.

How long does a vasectomy take? Travis’ vasectomy took less than 10 minutes. After the procedure was complete, I asked if he had any words of wisdom to share with others who are considering vasectomy procedure. His response was (his words exactly):

“It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend the His Choice Vasectomy. From the moment I stepped in the office I had a great experience.”

No scalpel…it can’t get much easier than this!

Recovery time after vasectomy: Travis works it!

I advised Travis to lay low for 2 days and not to do anything too strenuous. He told me he was going to waddle out into the waiting room and moan a little bit so that Jennifer would feel extra sorry for him! He has a good sense of humor.

He said he was going to return to his part-time behind the counter job in 48 hours.

Although he was going to play the serious sympathy card on Jennifer, Travis is a good guy. It was Jennifer’s birth day last month and he is going to take her to the beach in two weeks. He has an oceanfront condo reserved just to celebrate Jennifer’s birthday.

Vasectomy can be fun…if you follow Doctor’s orders!

I took this opportunity to remind Travis that after 2 days of rest he is welcome to have sex as much as possible (doctor’s orders) to empty out the seminal vesicles of stored sperm.

Team Vasectomy is standing by to help make a difficult decision more easy for you.

I advised Jennifer she would need to help him in this endeavor (again doctor’s orders).

I cautioned Travis pregnancy is possible until he confirms 3 months after his vasectomy procedure that all is clear with a semen sample test. As he walked out of the door I told him to have fun at the beach…but remember all it takes is one!

How to schedule a vasectomy?

If you are interested in having a single visit, no needle, no scalpel vasectomy with Dr. Monteith of His Choice in Raleigh, North Carolina then call his office at
(919) 977-5050 for more information.

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