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Vasectomy: Mark Takes One For The Team!

December 17, 2014

no-scalpel-vasectomy-patientOn the surface, Mark does not seem like your no scalpel vasectomy type of guy.

He is big and brawny… a diesel mechanic who looks like he plays ACC college football… a guy who is willing to get a vasectomy is not the first thing which comes to mind when you lay eyes on Mark.

Don’t let Mark fool you because he is a very smart guy and he has a true understanding of the many benefits of no scalpel vasectomy.

No scalpel vasectomy: Celebrating World Vasectomy Day

Mark is a 32 year-old diesel mechanic and he works in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is married and has 3 children. He has a 6 year old and 9-month-old twins. His wife is currently pregnant with their fourth child.  Mark has thought about vasectomy since their last pregnancy but he has seriously considered the idea for the last month.

Mark is familiar with vasectomy because his brother has had one. His brother briefed him about the entire experience and Mark felt vasectomy was the right thing for him to do.

Mark joined us to celebrate World Vasectomy Day on November 7th.

Mark underwent an uncomplicated no scalpel vasectomy procedure at His Choice in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We asked Mark if he would share his story for the benefit of others. He readily agreed because he believes having a vasectomy was the right thing for his wife.

No scalpel vasectomy or tubal ligation?

Mark and his wife considered tubal ligation.

The doctors at WakeMed said they would only perform tubal ligation six weeks after delivery. This was unacceptable to them so they went to Rex.

The doctors at Rex said they might be able to perform tubal ligation immediately after a vaginal birth but they could not guarantee it would happen.

This uncertainty was unacceptable to them because they, under no circumstances, wanted to go back to the hospital 6 weeks after giving birth to have a procedure and then have to also have her return home to take care of young children after a tubal ligation.

Mark Mans Up!

Mark realized vasectomy was the best choice for them. His wife had enough on her hands. Why should he make her go through even more?

world-vasectomy-day-2014Mark knew vasectomy was safer and easier and he realized his wife would need a week to recover from a tubal ligation. With 4 young kids in the house and a recent delivery, he knew that would have been asking a lot of her.

Mark said it just made more sense for him to have a vasectomy. He would only need a 2 day recovery rather than a week long recovery. Also he realized that his wife would not have to go through another birth, a tubal ligation, and then a surgical recovery while taking care of young twins and a newborn.

Mark admitted his wife has done so much for their family and he had decided he was going to have a vasectomy for their family…or in his own words “take one for the team!”

Mark said he works hard but his wife definitely has the hardest job. He admitted this to me in consultation but he said he was never going to admit it directly to her!

Why vasectomy at His Choice?

I asked Mark why he choose us for his vasectomy procedure.

Like most guys..he really didn’t choose us..his wife did…and like most guys he thinks he chose us…but really his wife did!
I refer to this as the Jedi Mind trick of vasectomy choice…

I liked your no-nonsense approach. You put all the information out there and I could make my own choice. I liked the single visit set up and I really liked the no-needle procedure.

Mark, like most big brawny guys, does not like needles near his genitals and our His Choice vasectomy, no-needle, technique appealed to him.

Marks vasectomy procedure went very well. He underwent an uncomplicated, no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy and was done in less than 15 minutes!

Mark is a good guy and it was a pleasure to meet and help him. I appreciate him sharing his story so others may benefit.

vasectomy-procedure-teamOur no scalpel vasectomy team

Our vasectomy team is ready to help you. Our goal is to reduce barriers to vasectomy.

We are the only providers who offer single visit vasectomy appointments and the option of returning semen samples by mail. We offer an affordable vasectomy procedure: $640!

If you would like more information about our single visit, no needle, no scalpel vasectomy procedure in our Raleigh, North Carolina office then please give our office a call at (919) 977-5050 to speak with a knowledgeable staff person.

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