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Vasectomy In Cary: The Best Vasectomy Procedure!

January 29, 2023

A-Personal-ChoiceIf you have been looking for no scalpel vasectomy in Cary then look no further than Dr. Charles Monteith of His Choice No Cut Vasectomy in Raleigh, North Carolina.

His Choice is located only 11 miles from Cary, North Carolina near North Hills Mall in mid-town Raleigh…so you won’t have to travel far! In fact we may be just a few exits from where you live.

Dr. Monteith offers patients a great service. He provides men with single visit no scalpel vasectomy appointments. No other doctor in the Carolinas is offering patients convenient, single visit vasectomy like Dr. Monteith

Unarguably Dr Monteith provides men with the best vasectomy procedure, at an affordable price, and all during a single appointment.

No scalpel vasectomy in Cary: No needle, no scalpel and open ended

If you have been looking for a doctor to perform no scalpel vasectomy in Cary then you are in luck!

Dr. Monteith performs what is widely understood to be the most minimally invasive form of vasectomy: His Choice No Cut, No Scalpel Vasectomy.

These are the most important benefits to having a vasectomy with Dr. Monteith.

Single visit appointments. We are all busy. Everyone knows what a vasectomy procedure does for you. Every man has anxiety about vasectomy. So why make it worse by requiring multiple visits to have a procedure we know is safe and effective? Dr. Monteith is the only doctor offering patients the ease of having vasectomy during a single visit.

No scalpel vasectomy. No cutting is involved. Dr. Monteith uses a no scalpel approach. He ‘pokes’ a small hole in the skin, stretches the skin open, completes the vasectomy through a single opening, and the skin will slowly stretch back and heal closed. Usually the opening is healed closed within 48 hours. No sutures are required!

No needle anesthesia. Dr Monteith does not use a needle to provide anesthesia.

Instead, he uses a MadaJet. This is a specialized medical devices that administers local anesthesia with a spray applicator that pushes the local anesthesia through the skin. The sensation of getting anesthesia this way feels similar to getting lightly tapped on the skin with a small rubber band. A small rubber band!

Dr. Monteith is one of few vasectomy doctors in the state of North Carolina who performs No needle vasectomy.

Highly effective. A His Choice No Cut No Scalpel vasectomy does not require that anything be removed from your body. Nothing is cut out and removed. Instead, the tubes are divided with cautery, the upper tube is sealed with a light coagulation technique, and the divided ends are slightly separate with your own tissue and a small titanium clip.

As of 2023, Dr Monteith has performed over 7,000 no scalpel vasectomy procedures. To date, no patient has contacted Dr. Monteith reporting a late failure of his vasectomy procedure.

Open ended. His Choice No Cut No Scalpel vasectomy uses an open end vasectomy technique to minimize after vasectomy pain. During an open end vasectomy, the upper end is sealed closed. The lower end is allowed to remain open. This allows small amounts of sperm/fluid to be released and the lower end gradually heals closed. This results in less after vasectomy pain and a better recovery from your vasectomy procedure.

Convenient vasectomy Cary: Single appointment vasectomy!

You can easily find other vasectomy doctors in Cary. Many of the vasectomy doctors in Cary will require you have more than one appointment and these appointments could be weeks or months apart.

You will not be able to find a vasectomy doctor in Cary who allows patients the option of having a vasectomy procedure in single a appointment.

Most vasectomy doctors require a preoperative appointment (one office visit), a second appointment for vasectomy (two office visits), a third appointment for a follow-up visit (three office visits) and an appointment for the after vasectomy semen sample testing (four office visits). Talk about unnecessarily increasing your anxiety.

Dr. Monteith allows patients a vasectomy in one visit and the option of returning a semen sample by mail.

You can easily find vasectomy doctors in Cary but you will have a hard time obtaining a vasectomy in Cary done all in a single visit!

Affordable vasectomy

his-choice-vasectomy-easiest-vasectomy-possibleIf you want an affordable vasectomy, Dr. Monteith offers his patients the most affordable vasectomy procedure in the state of North Carolina.

Although he does not offer vasectomy in Cary…Cary is just a short drive away. Given the fact that men regularly drive (and also fly in) from other states to have his easy, affordable vasectomy then you will appreciate that Cary is just a short distance away!

As of 2020, Dr. Monteith stopped accepting health insurance as payment for vasectomy but you can get your health insurance to reimburse you!

Most plans will cover vasectomy. In order to have your no scalpel vasectomy with Dr Monteith covered, you will have to pay out of pocket for your single visit procedure and submit your receipts to your health insurance company for reimbursement.

Dr. Monteith’s office can provide you with more information on how to request reimbursement from your health insurance company after your vasectomy procedure has been completed.

For more information: Affordable no scalpel vasectomy

Although you can easily get a vasectomy in Cary, you will have a very difficult time finding vasectomy doctors in Cary offering a vasectomy procedure that is as easy and as affordable as Dr. Monteith’s no scalpel vasectomy procedure.

 Vasectomy in Cary? Travel the short distance to Raleigh

Men regularly travel from South Carolina and Virginia to have vasectomy at His Choice. Patient’s have even flown in from  Ohio, New York, Michigan, and Utah to have the most minimally invasive, no needle, no scalpel open ended vasectomy with one of the best vasectomy doctors around: Dr. Charles Monteith!

If you would like to schedule a procedure you can easily schedule through the website. Dr. Monteith even has an innovative unique on-line scheduling system that allows patients to schedule their own vasectomy date and time without even having to call and speak with a staff member.

To schedule a vasectomy with Dr. Monteith visit: Scheduling your vasectomy

If you have questions and need more information then feel free to call (919) 977-5050 and speak with a helpful staff person.

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